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  • Produs Antivibratie fo.Q AB-70
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The AB-70 audio board features a multi-layer structure that is a composite of polymer hybrid adhesive damping sheets and two types of advanced hybrid ceramics.

The use of multiple layers of different materials ensures that the board produces highly realistic sound, while the elimination of characteristic sounds makes it possible to express the subtly different tone colors of each instrument.
The board effectively suppresses tiny unnecessary vibrations in audio and visual equipment, as well as external vibrations, so that it can be used not only as a base for amplifiers, CD, DVD and record players, projectors, and a wide range of other audiovisual equipment, regardless of size, but also as a base for speakers.

It can be installed with either three or four points of contact with the floor, to accommodate individual preferences.


When using the AB-70

The surface has a paint finish, so using the product as a spike base, dragging it from one location to another, or bringing it in contact with a hard object could scratch the finish. The product should be handled very carefully.

The adhesive damping spacers provided as an accessory can be affixed to the tops and bottoms of the blocks, to adjust the sound to the desired level of vibration.
These adhesive damping spacers also serve to keep the blocks from slipping.

Product specifications

Size 70mm diameter x 19mm thickness
Weight 123g/block
Load Resistance 25kg/block
Color Aurora blue
Quantity 4 blocks
Accessories 8 adhesive damping spacers (65 mm diameter x 0.5 mm height)

Un set contine 4 bucati, pretul este pentru 1 set

About High Damping Material fo.Q

‘fo.Q′ is a product applying materials developed with the support of JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency).
Vibrational energy is converted to electric energy, and finally to heat energy, enabling efficient absorption.
There are no rubber or heavy metal overtones, and efficient attenuation of the finest vibrations,
considered difficult to remove up to now, promise you the purest and clearest tones.

Damping performance of ‘fo.Q′

The graph to the left shows the difference in damping when ‘fo.Q′ is adhered to metal products, and the same level of vibration is applied. Using ‘fo.Q′ makes it possible to dampen the vibration of materials much more quickly than when it is not used. This benefit quickly and efficiently dampens the vibration of audio equipment, improving the audio quality and raising the signal-to-noise ratio.

Comparison of damping performance with ‘fo.Q′ and conventional damping materials

The damping material used in ‘fo.Q′ has at least twice the damping performance of conventional damping materials.Additionally, with conventional damping material, damping performance falls as strain decreases, ultimately reaching zero. In contrast, the damping material used in ‘fo.Q′ features the property that as strain decreases, damping performance increases. These properties enable ‘fo.Q′ to quickly and efficiency damp the minute vibrations generated by audio equipment, making it possible to enjoy clear, flowing audio.

Loss factor is a measure of damping performance. The higher the loss factor, the better the damping performance is.
Here the term “strain” refers to the vibration itself; it does not refer to strain in the audio.

Damping performance comparison with the conventional inorganic boards and ‘fo.Q′ audio boards

‘fo.Q′ audio boards have an average of 10 times the damping performance of conventional inorganic boards over the entire frequency band. In the low-frequency band (300 Hz and below) and the high-frequency band (4,000 Hz and above) in particular, the damping performance is extremely high.These effects enable ‘fo.Q′ to dramatically dampen low and high-frequency noise in particular, clarifying the contours of once difficult-to-hear audio. It also eliminates distortion when audio is played at high volumes.

Produs Antivibratie fo.Q AB-70
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