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The Densen BEAT-200PLUS is the most classic product, currently in Densens line. It was at the forefront of audio in 1994 when it was launched, and still it is a reference preamplifier, especially with the new PLUS version, which has resulted in an even more refined sound and performance. As you would expect, it bears the Densen trademark of engaging musicality, but the BEAT-200PLUS is also technically sophisticated and is fully engineered for the Gizmo system remote.
The B-200PLUS marks the begining of a new phase for Densen, as it contains several unique, exciting solutions.

Soundwise the B-200PLUS is − as with all other Densen products − designed with the absolute highest sound-quality as its goal. From the second the signal enters the B-200PLUS there is no compromise. The input selection is done with a special version of CP Claire′s best relay. The CP Claire PRME 25005 is a mono relay, providing the B-200PLUS with relays for both left and right signal - and a total of no less than 18 CP Claire relays, though the layout of the signal path means that the signal will travel through an absolute minimum of relays. From the input relays the signal is sent to the first stage of the preamp. Normally the signal would be sent directly to the potentiometer, but by starting with the first amplifier stage, the amplifier stage can be designed not only to take care of its normal function, but also to interact perfectly with the volume potentiometer that follows it. This ensures that signal sources with inferior output-stages will stil work perfectly with the B-200PLUS, because it is easier for them to work with the input stage rather then with a potentiometer that changes electrical ccharacteristics with the volume setting. From the volume potentiometer the signal is sent to the final stages of the B-200PLUS. The last stages are designed to be able to drive long cable runs, enabling it to work perfectly with several power amplifiers at once, even if they are placed alongway away from the B-200PLUS. This is done by making the output-stage a 6W Class-A power amplifier with no feedback… Naturally the amplifier stages are totally discrete designs, using ultrafast transistors and massive power supplies.

The whole of the circuitry is designed with the best components, and as such all inputs are goldplated, all resistors are 1% laser-trimmed metalfilm or better, all capacitors are selected for their sonic quality, and a Alps RK27 motor-driven potentiometer is used in a 4 times version. The power supply is built with the same encapsulated transformers as in Densen's top of the line preamp, the DM-20. We use no less than 5 custom-made capacitors, with a total capacity of 50.000 uF. There are seperate transformers for audio and for the CPU/Link system. The design is optimised to perfection, with only a minimum of leaded components, the rest being high quality SMD components, mounted with a precision of 0.05 mm! There is used a special teflon double-sided PCB, which is highly unusual, but has dramatic effects on the signal quality.

As always, the B-200PLUS is prepared for bi-amping, but this time it is also prepared for quad-amping, allowing it to drive up to 4 stereo power amplifiers, or 8 monoblocks! If the connected power amplifier is Densen′s BEAT 320, it will be possible to make the system active by using electronic crossovers mounted internally in the BEAT B-300. This provides a clear upgrade path, from one B-200PLUS/B-310 to one B-200 and up to four B-330's using electronic crossovers, in an state-of-the-art active system.

It is naturally possibile to mount a DP-01 phono-stage internally in the B-200PLUS.

As allways with a Densen product, the circuit itself is built using no feedback, which results in an open, transparent and dynamic sound with the Densen trademark musical involvement in the foreground.

The B-200PLUS is not only optimised soundwise; the remote and link system are also state-of-the-art, the result of 2 software programmers work since February 1996.

The B-200PLUS link system allows two-way communication in multiroom installations. It is made to be an intelligent system, where every product helps the others, so that IR signals recieved by the B-200PLUS or another product are transferred to the product for which they are intented, securing a perfect reception of IR information. Each product will be avare of which other Densen products are in the system, allowing for problem free use of the remote etc.

On the B-200PLUS, the link system will allow the user to power-up a link amplifier in the kitchen, or in another room and then control the main system in the living room, sending the signals to and from the kitchen, for playback in the kitchen only (or in the bedroom, or somewhere else). It will be possible to have full display information on the status of all units in another room.

It will also be possible to take the remote to another room and control the link from there, or to use the remote in the main system like a normal remote.

The whole link system interacts with a type D-Subconnector, and as such uses a computer standard, allowing for easy updating.

The frontpanel functions are also improved, without sacrificing the Densen trademark of no-nonsense. One of the new features is stand-by, allowing not only the B-200PLUS to be put in stand-by, but also all other connected Densen products. Another feature is the processor loop, allowing for the use of the forthcoming surround processor.

To secure high quality sound in this multiroom system, the B-200PLUS has also a seperate preamp stage for the link system, securing perfect quality, without interfering with the B-200PLUS′s main preamp. The link preamp is designed with a 833 IC which is run in balanced mode to secure no hum, even in link installations with long cableruns. Even though the 833 is of high quality, used in many of our competitors preamps, we feel it works best as a balanced amplifier in the link system, and that our discrete single-ended circuit is much better for real high-end use.

All in all, this system is extremely versatile and will form the backbone of Densen products for many years to come. It is even prepared for extensions, meaning that the CPU, which is the heart of the system, can be updated.

To avoid making the CPU in the B-200PLUS too costly, we have been able to optimize the Link/remote system considerably. Between the initial prototype and the final product, we have We have actually been able to remove 250 components, while improving the performance of the CPU.

All these features are built into the BEAT-200PLUS in a discrete way that never detracts from the true goal: musicality.


Densen products are not only built to last; they′re also built to be upgraded along the way. Nearly all our amps, CD-players and tuners have been prepared for upgrades, so you can improve and expand your musical experiences at a favourable price and without compromising on design, build quality and sound. You can start out with a very simple system and end up with a high-end active system, just by upgrading.

RIAA Board

The DP-03 is an MM board for the B-200PLUS. The only difference between the DP-01 and DP-03 is the physical shape, which allows them to be used with different Densen products. Despite of the modest price of these two boards, it will offer you a world class RIAA when mounted in any Densen amplifier. Due to the technical design, the DP-03 and DP-01 work with all MM cartridges on the market, and actually do so with an outstanding sound quality.

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DAC Board

It is NOT possible to mount an internal DAC in the B-200.

Specificatii Preamplificator Densen B-200+

Specificatii Line- & tape inputs: 4 & 2
Preouts: 4
Powersupply size: 2x20VA
Storagecapacity: 25.000uF
THD + Noise @ rated output: Less than 0.05%
Frequency response (+0 -3db): 2-500.000Hz
Weight/shippingweight: 8/10 Kg
Product dimensions (WxDxH): 440x310x64mm
Tip Echipament Solid State

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