Pachet Receiver AV Yamaha RX-A1070 + Boxe Davis Acoustics Dhavani + Boxa Davis Acoustics Centrale Dhavani + Boxe Davis Acoustics Maya Rear + Subwoofer Davis Acoustics Basson 77

  • Pachet Receiver AV Yamaha RX-A1070 + Boxe Davis Acoustics Dhavani + Boxa Davis Acoustics Centrale Dhavani + Boxe Davis Acoustics Maya Rear + Subwoofer Davis Acoustics Basson 77
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Pachetul contine

  • Receiver AV Yamaha RX-A1070

  • Boxe Davis Acoustics Dhavani

  • Boxa Davis Acoustics Centrale Dhavani

  • Boxe Davis Acoustics Maya Rear

  • Subwoofer Davis Acoustics Basson 77

Receiver AV Yamaha RX-A1070

High-end 7.2-channel model with incredible audio capabilities and extensive video functionality.

  • Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X™ with CINEMA DSP HD3
  • CINEMA DSP HD3 with Rear VPS (Virtual Presence Speaker)
  • New CINEMA DSP Programme: Enhanced
  • AVENTAGE AV receivers: Designed to deliver the highest levels of audio performance
  • Aluminium front panel offers visual and aural benefits
  • Anti Resonance Technology (A.R.T.) Wedge helps to ensure that vibrations do not affect sound quality
  • Advanced design feet enhance strength and vibration resistance
  • Symmetrical power amp layout, H-shape cross member frame and rigid chassis with additional bottom frames
  • Professional quality digital audio by ESS DAC
  • MusicCast for audio enjoyment in every room
  • 7-channel powerful surround sound
  • --- 110 W per channel (8 ohms, 20 Hz-20 kHz, 0.06% THD, 2-ch driven)
  • --- 165 W per channel (8 ohms, 1 kHz, 10% THD, 1-ch driven)
  • --- 170 W per channel (4 ohms, 1 kHz, 0.9% THD, 1-ch driven)
  • Wi-Fi Built-in and Wireless Direct Compatible for Easy Network
  • Bluetooth® for wireless music streaming and Compressed Music Enhancer for Bluetooth
  • AirPlay®, Spotify®*, Pandora®*, Napster®*, Tidal*, Deezer*, Qobuz*, JUKE* music streaming service
  • *Music service availability varies by region.
  • DAB / DAB+ tuner for enjoying high quality digital radio broadcasts
  • DSD 2.8 MHz / 5.6 MHz, FLAC / WAV / AIFF 192 kHz / 24-bit, Apple® Lossless 96 kHz / 24-bit playback
  • High-resolution Music Enhancer further heightens musicality from the original content
  • HDMI® (8 in / 2 out) with 4K Ultra HD full support, HDR Video including Dolby Vision and Hybrid Log-Gamma, and BT.2020
  • HDMI input on front panel, Front panel USB digital connection for USB flash drives
  • YPAO™-R.S.C. sound optimisation with 64-bit precision EQ calculation and multi-point measurement
  • YPAO Volume to ensure natural sounds even at low volume
  • HDMI Zone Switching allows different HD audio / video sources playback in different rooms
  • Detachable AC power cord for easier installtion


Enter a New World of Sound with Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X™

These sound technologies transport you from an ordinary moment into an extraordinary experience with captivating, multidimensional sound that fills your room with amazing richness and depth. These sound technologies allow for music, people and objects to come alive in breathtaking detail and flow in precise choreography all around you, making you feel like you are right in the middle of the story.

    Dolby Atmos and DTS-X Playback with CINEMA DSP HD3

    This AV receiver supports Dolby Atmos and DTS-X playback with CINEMA DSP HD3, taking the surround sound experience to new heights. The revamped CINEMA DSP HD3 features new signal processing algorithms and three sets of high performance processors. This maximises theatre sound effects, accurately reproducing a new dimension of realism for a sound field with a rich sense of presence and no feeling of boundaries. You will experience a realistic cinema sound field with the sense of truly being immersed in the movie scene.

      CINEMA DSP HD3 with Rear VPS (Virtual Presence Speaker)

      The RX-A1070 is now equipped with three Yamaha original high performance DSP devices, achieving high speed and large capacity audio signal processing. As a result, by using front, centre and surround speakers to create a rear virtual speaker, CINEMA DSP HD3 playback up to 11.1 channels is possible* even with a 7.1-channel speaker configuration. The total reproduction of spatial data, including the vertical axis, helps create an overwhelmingly realistic sound field.

      * Requires connection to a front presence speaker.

        Speaker Layout Patterns Designed for Dolby Atmos Playback

        Yamaha provide multiple placement patterns for presence speakers that support Dolby Atmos, creating a sound field that′s ideal for your setup. Any layout can be appropriately reproduced, including the three-dimensional space of CINEMA DSP as well as Dolby Atmos.

        Furthermore YPAO™ R.S.C. which optimises the listening environment and fundamental high quality audio design takes full advantage of the detailed spatial localisation capability of Dolby Atmos.

        The combination of Dolby Atmos and Yamaha AV receivers will fill the room with multidimensional sound that makes you feel as if you are right in the middle of the story unfolding on the screen.

          Enhanced − A New Cinema Sound Programme Developed on the 30th Anniversary of CINEMA DSP

          With this year marking thirty years since the release of the first CINEMA DSP-1 unit in 1986, Yamaha has continued its history of innovation with the development of the Enhanced next-generation CINEMA DSP sound field programme installed in the RX-A1070, featuring a new sound field processing algorithm that further elevates its ability to process the motion and spatial representation data found in the latest audio-visual media including three-dimensional surround formats. Developed targeting cutting-edge movie theatre sound field technology equipped with multi-top speakers (multiple overhead speakers), Enhanced handles not only the rear surround field but also the front presence field and independent left and right fields (stereo), tracking sound source movement in all directions for uniquely uniform sound field creation not found with conventional programmes. The result is a natural sound field effect that follows every sound source, including objects present in the most modern formats, and delivers dynamic sensations of motion and spatiality that faithfully reflect the spirit of the filmmaker′s vision.

            AVENTAGE AV Receivers: Designed to Deliver the Highest Levels of Audio Performance

            The AVENTAGE line of high-performance AV receivers is based on the audio design concept of providing a massive, full-bodied sound for movie sound effects and the accurate reproduction of music sources. By expertly harmonising traditional and advanced technologies, every factor that affects sound quality, from materials and parts to construction, layout, vibration damping (unique foot) and “fine-tuning” the sound, is handled with no other thought than to achieve the best possible audio quality. As a result, every AVENTAGE model has the ability to reproduce the most subtle details of high-definition sound, so that listeners can enjoy a truly high-class sound studio experience at home.

              Anti Resonance Technology Wedge Helps to Ensure that Vibrations Do Not Affect Sound Quality

              The Anti Resonance Technology (A.R.T.) Wedge is a fifth foot in the centre of the unit. It dampens vibrations from the power transformer, power transistors and heat sinks, as well as vibrations that might be caused by the sound from the speakers.

                Advanced Design Feet Enhance Strength and Vibration Resistance

                The feet of the RX-A1070 feature a newly designed, high-density structure which utilises two different kinds of interior ribs — straight and curved — to enhance strength and damping performance. Installation stability is improved and chassis resonance is dispersed, effectively eliminating external vibration. The low-range response is enhanced, while resonance peaks in the mid- and high-range are reduced, providing dynamic sound and focused, accurate reproduction.

                  H-shaped Cross Member Frame

                  The interior of the receiver is reinforced with cross members in an H shape to provide an extremely rigid and stable frame. This reduces chassis vibration to virtually zero even during high volume output (seemingly minor vibrations can affect the sound), maintaining the highest audio quality.

                    Symmetrical Power Amplifier Layout

                    This is just one of the many design details that all combine to create a superior receiver. The interior of the unit has been precisely planned, circuit-routed and built so that the left and right channels are physically and electrically isolated. This naturally maximises channel separation, but also greatly improves signal to noise ratio and also helps to achieve a wide, open sound stage.

                      Aluminium Front Panel Offers Visual and Aural Benefits

                      All of the AVENTAGE components feature the same sleek, clean design, with an elegant aluminium front panel and silky touch volume / selector knobs. The aluminium front panel is used to effectively shield sensitive circuitry from external noise and electronic radiation generated by dimmer switches, fluorescent lighting, video monitors and so on. This ensures optimum sonic performance in the widest range of installation environments.

                        Sound Tuning Achieved with High Quality Parts for Optimum Performance

                        Every single part in an AV receiver affects the sound quality. For AVENTAGE models, extra time is taken to find (or develop) the exact parts needed to achieve the highest performance possible. Sound technicians go through a testing process to, in effect, “tune” the receiver′s sound.

                        * Some of the parts shown are not used in this model.

                          Professional Quality Digital Audio by ESS DAC

                          Incorporating the SABRE™ 9006A Premier Audio DAC from ESS Technology to achieve an exceptionally good signal-to-noise ratio and up to 120 dB of dynamic range, this AV receiver produces professional quality digital audio.


                            MusicCast is a new revolution in network audio, use all your MusicCast products together or separately, it′s completely up to you. Control it, all from one app, designed to be intuitive, quick and simple to use. Use a soundbar, a wireless speaker, an AV Receiver, HiFi audio whichever suits you best, mix and match then expand your MusicCast system as time goes on. All new from Yamaha, the MusicCast system brings everything to everywhere for everyone.

                            MusicCast Expands Entertainment Possibilities

                            MusicCast employs a high performance wireless network to deliver music and audio enjoyment. It can stream digital music content from your smartphone, PC or NAS to other MusicCast devices in your home. It can also share the music from external devices such as a TV or Blu-ray Disc™ player connected to the RX-A1070. Audio content from Bluetooth®-connected smartphones or tablets can also be streamed to MusicCast devices in multiple rooms.

                              Bluetooth-Compatible for Wireless Music Streaming

                              This AV receiver is equipped with Bluetooth functionality to let you enjoy easy wireless music playback from smartphones and other devices. The Compressed Music Enhancer from Yamaha is now optimised for Bluetooth audio transmissions to ensure that your music will have vivid, lively sound quality during wireless playback.

                                Bluetooth Output for Convenient Music Streaming

                                The RX-A1070 is equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology, making wireless operation more convenient than ever. You can stream music from the RX-A1070 to Bluetooth headphones for private listening or to Bluetooth speakers.

                                  4K Ultra HD Full Support with 4K / 60p, HDCP2.2, HDR Video Including Dolby Vision and Hybrid Log-Gamma, and BT.2020 Pass-through

                                  This AV receiver completely supports with latest HDMI® standards. Thanks to transmission of 4K video at 60 frames per second pass-through, you can fully enjoy the high definition video quality of 4K without degradation. It also adheres to the HDCP2.2 copyright protection standard for 4K video transmission. It also supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) Video including Dolby Vision and Hybrid Log-Gamma which provides incredible contrast, smooth tone and rich, bright colours. Furthermore it supports the wider colour gamut of BT.2020 pass-through. This AV receiver is also compatible with 3D, Audio Return Channel and CEC for easy operation.

                                  *Dolby Vision and Hybrid Log-Gamma will be available via future firmware update.

                                    Wi-Fi Built-in and Wireless Direct Compatible for Easy Network

                                    Wi-Fi Built-in capability allows wireless connection with your household wireless router, greatly simplifying system connections to enjoy network audio and music streaming services. If no Wi-Fi router is available, the unique Wireless Direct feature not only allows you to stream music directly from your smartphone or tablet via AV Controller App's Music Play feature, iOS's AirPlay® etc, but also control your receiver using the AV Controller app.

                                      High-resolution Music Enhancer further Heightens Musicality from the Original Content

                                      Hi-bit high-sampling extension up to 96 kHz / 24-bit can be applied to lossless 44.1 / 48 kHz content such as from a CD (2-channel PCM) or a FLAC file for further heightening of the musicality in the original content.

                                        Network Functions

                                        This AV receiver provides a variety of network functions that enable you to access more sources and also enhance operation. You can connect the receiver to your home network or internet to enjoy Internet Radio, Spotify*, Pandora®*, Napster®*, SiriusXM*, Tidal*, Deezer*, Qobuz*, JUKE* or music stored on a NAS and home PC. The AV Controller app (from iTunes® App Store or Google play) lets you control various functions from your iPod®, iPhone®, iPad® or Android™ phones / tablets.

                                        *Music service availability varies by region.

                                          Enjoy Digital Radio from DAB / DAB+ Tuner

                                          DAB and the improved DAB+ version is Digital Audio Broadcasting that offers a large selection of radio stations with high sound quality. Other benefits include automatic tuning to available stations with a list to choose from, and display of information such as station name and music genre. The RX-A1070 lets you preset 40 DAB / DAB+ stations.

                                            AV Controller App for Easy, Convenient Operation

                                            This AV receiver lets you use the Yamaha AV Controller app that is downloadable from the iTunes App Store or Google Play to control power on / off and volume, select input and DSP modes and operate other functions from an iPhone or Android devices. You can also use in as many as 23 different languages and customise the interface by hiding unused icons and renaming functions. A tablet version is also available.

                                              DSP Parameter Adjustment for Easy and Detailed Setting

                                              This AV receiver is equipped with a variety of sound programmes that utilise Yamaha's original DSP technology. They allow you to easily create sound fields like actual movie theatres or concert halls in your room and enjoy natural stereoscopic sound fields. Now you can use the AV Controller app to adjust DSP parameters to your preference to match the type of music / movie or the mood you want to achieve. There are two modes, Basic and Advanced, that you can choose according to the type of adjustments you want to do.

                                                AirPlay Allows Streaming Music to AV receiver

                                                This AV receiver supports AirPlay, which means they can accept wireless music streaming from iPod touch®, iPhone or iPad, as well as from iTunes on Macs or PCs. This makes it easy to enjoy music from your mobile devices or computer on your home theatre system. You can use view metadata such as song title, artist name as well as album art* via AV receiver's on-screen display.

                                                *Some models don't support album art display.

                                                  Stream Millions of Songs with Spotify Connect

                                                  With the Spotify app on your smartphone, you've got instant access to millions of songs. And now you can stream those songs to your Yamaha system by using Spotify Connect. Just hit play to start streaming music. What's more, when you've been listening on your smartphone outside and come inside, the song immediately streams to your AVR — like magic, you enjoy uninterrupted music. You can also personalise playlists and receive phone calls while listening to music.

                                                  *The Spotify app and premium account are required. Visit for more details.

                                                  Try Spotify Premium for free on your Yamaha Home Entertainment System for 30 days.

                                                  *Spotify service availability depends on regions.

                                                    Extensive Audio Codec and Format Support

                                                    This AV receiver is compatible with many audio formats such as Dolby® True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio. It is also compatible with high resolution audio codec such as DSD / AIFF / FLAC / WAV / Apple Lossless. You will enjoy excellent sound quality of various high resolution audio codec from USB and network content.

                                                      Gapless Playback Compatibility Allows Play without Interruption*

                                                      Many live and classical albums have no gaps in the music. Gapless playback ensures that there are no pauses between audio files. This provides playback with no interruptions, the way it was meant to be heard.

                                                      *Compatible with WAV, FLAC and ALAC file formats, and input from USB / PC / NAS.

                                                        Total Purity Concept for the Finest Sound Quality

                                                        The Total Purity Concept, which Yamaha has been cultivating for many years, encompasses high drive amp technology, high purity pre-amplification, anti-vibration technology and independent pure power supplies. All models have a fully discrete power amplifier that helps to minimise distortion. They also adopt independent pure power supplies, allowing dedicated power supplies for the analogue and digital circuitry to prevent digital noise from affecting analogue circuitry. The anti-vibration heatsinks are designed to suppress vibration from transistors and sound pressure. Independent power supplies for the DACs are designed to further eliminate noise on certain models. Down to every detail, these AV receivers are designed with full emphasis on the highest possible sound quality.

                                                          AV Setup Guide App Makes System Setup Easier

                                                          AV Setup Guide is an app that makes it much easier to perform receiver setup, and also assists you with cable connections between the AV receiver and source devices. It guides you through various settings such as speaker connections, TV and source device connections and power amp assignment. System illustrations and actual AV receiver images help you understand how to make the connections between devices, for much quicker system setup. It is available in multiple languages. Designed for iOS and Android tablet.

                                                            Advanced Multi-language GUI On-screen Display

                                                            Yamaha′ s latest Graphical User Interface has a high resolution display for characters, icons and images, with clear, easy-to-use menus. It also includes a selectable Status Bar that shows input source, volume level, DSP mode and audio format. The GUI provides a choice of eight languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese and Chinese, and can be displayed over both normal and 3D pictures.

                                                              Extra-convenient SCENE PLUS

                                                              The SCENE PLUS function simplifies operation by providing one touch power-on along with selection of the desired input and the appropriate DSP programmes. SCENE PLUS offers a choice of 12 SCENE selections, four of which can be assigned to the second zone in a multi-zone system. The inputs can be set to specific sources, such as an FM or Internet radio station, a station on a streaming service, a USB device or a song on a PC or NAS (network). SCENE PLUS can be selected from the front panel, remote control, GUI and even from the AV Controller app.

                                                                YPAO™-R.S.C. Sound Optimisation with 64-bit Precision EQ Calculation and Multi-Point Measurement

                                                                YPAO-R.S.C. analyses room acoustics and measures various speaker characteristics, then calibrates audio parameters to achieve optimum sound at any of eight listening positions. It uses 64-bit precision EQ calculation to achieve the most natural room acoustics possible and Reflected Sound Control to correct early reflections for studio-quality sound. It also provides DSP Effect Normalisation, which varies the CINEMA DSP parameters according to the reflected sounds.

                                                                  YPAO Volume to Ensure Natural Sounds Even at Low Volume

                                                                  Human ears have less sensitivity to high and low frequencies, especially at lower volumes. YPAO Volume applies loudness EQ correction to automatically adjust high and low frequency levels as volume changes. Using the YPAO measurement results, EQ correction is optimised to your system settings and listening environment.

                                                                    HD Audio with CINEMA DSP 3D and Virtual Presence Speaker

                                                                    CINEMA DSP 3D provides a wide, high and dense sound field. HD Audio format decoding lets you enjoy HD Audio sources. Virtual Presence Speaker delivers 3-dimensional sound without actual use of presence speakers.

                                                                      Virtual Presence Speaker and Virtual Surround Back Speaker

                                                                      The Virtual Presence Speaker function makes full use of centre and surround speakers to create virtual presence speakers. Enjoy CINEMA DSP 3D Mode surround sound even in environments where speaker installation is limited. In addition, this model also features a Virtual Surround Back Speaker function. Even without using surround back speakers, you can experience more natural sound from behind you.

                                                                        Virtual CINEMA FRONT Provides Virtual 7-channel Surround Sound with High Quality and Resolution

                                                                        Even when it is impossible to install surround speakers behind the listening position, Virtual CINEMA DSP reproduces virtual 7-channel surround sound filled with realism, from only two front speakers. The Virtual CINEMA FRONT feature lets you place two surround speakers and a centre speaker at the front to enjoy virtual 7-channel surround sound with even higher quality and resolution, as well as superior rear virtual sound localisation. Adding two additional front presence speakers provides a three-dimensional sound field that gives you a feeling of its height and depth and of the vertical movement of the sound. You get more flexibility to arrange your speakers inside the room, along with easy enjoyment of high quality surround sound.

                                                                          Extra Bass Provides Rich Bass Reproduction, Even with Small Speakers

                                                                          Yamaha′ s exclusive low-range enhancement technology delivers richer bass than you expect from the speaker size while maintaining good localisation and sound balance even with compact front speakers. When a subwoofer is used, it improves the volume of the entire low range of the speaker system, not only the front speakers, but also enhancing the bass from the subwoofer. You'll enjoy video and music with sound that has exceptional power and presence.

                                                                            Zone Volume Equalizer for Optimum Sound Balance in Another Room (Zone 2)

                                                                            Automatically adjusts bass and treble balance to match the volume on system in other rooms (Zone 2). Enjoy movies and music with a natural sound quality balance even at low volumes.

                                                                              Zone Extra Bass for More Powerful Bass Sound in Another Room (Zone 2)

                                                                              Use the Extra Bass feature to amplify bass tones, not just in your main room but also on system in other room (Zones 2). Even with compact or in-wall speakers which typically lack bass, you′ll hear all your sources with powerful bass sound.

                                                                                Subwoofer Trim for Improved Sound Imaging

                                                                                The Subwoofer Trim control enhances the low frequencies by avoiding overlap with the front speaker output. This will result in a cleaner, more focused sound stage while providing a seamless frequency response. When subwoofer frequency overlap occurs in conventional systems, the overall sound is “pushed” toward the subwoofer. Subwoofer Trim takes care of this by separating the low subwoofer frequencies cleanly, thus stabilising the front stage while providing a well-balanced enhanced bass sound.

                                                                                  HDMI Zone Switching Allows Different HD Audio / Video Sources Playback in Different Rooms

                                                                                  HDMI zone switching offers the ability to individually select and send HD video programmes to two separate zones. Watch a Blu-ray Disc™ movie in the Main Zone while an HD cable TV broadcast plays in another room (Zone 2).

                                                                                    Intelligent Amp Assign

                                                                                    Intelligent Amp Assign automatically assigns amplifier channels to certain speakers, depending on what functions are selected. For example, in a 7.1-channel system, when Zone 2 is off, all 7.1 channels will be used in the Main Zone. However, when Zone 2 is on, power to the two Surround Back channels will be directed to the two speakers in Zone 2, and the Main Zone will receive 5.1 channels of power. Similarly, when CINEMA DSP 3D is on, the two Front Presence speakers will be powered and not the two Surround Back speakers. When CINEMA DSP 3D is off, this situation is reversed. Furthermore, in a 5.1.2-channel system for Dolby Atmos or DTS:X, when Zone 2 is off, all 5.1.2 channels will be used in the Main Zone. However, when Zone 2 is on, power to the two height / overhead channels will be directed to the two speakers in Zone 2, and the Main Zone will receive 5.1 channels of power. Thanks to Intelligent Amp Assign, there′s no need to switch the speaker cables on the rear of the receiver―one more way Yamaha makes your life a little easier.

                                                                                      ECO mode Lowers Power Consumption by 20%*

                                                                                      Yamaha′s new ECO mode reduces power consumption by about 20%. It can be set from the top of the GUI menu.

                                                                                      *Compared to power consumption when ECO mode is off (Yamaha measurement).

                                                                                        Yamaha Eco-Product

                                                                                        With an advanced energy saving design, this AV receiver achieves a low power consumption of not more than two watts when in Network Standby mode.

                                                                                        Boxe Davis Acoustics Dhavani

                                                                                        Acest model face parte din seria Discovery a producatorului Davis Acoustics!

                                                                                        Cea mai mare boxa de podea din gama Discovery este ideală pentru camere de zi de până la 50 m2.
                                                                                        Acest model utilizează 2 woofere de 8 inci, mai mari decât majoritatea concurenților în acest interval de prețuri.
                                                                                        Basul este profund și puternic.

                                                                                        Dhavani se potrivesc de minune atat intr-un sistem stereo dedicat, cat si multicanal.
                                                                                        Va recomandam sa utilizati cu aceste boxe de podea pentru sistemul home cinema, urmtoarele boxe:
                                                                                        - Dhavani Center pentru boxa de centru
                                                                                        - Subwooferul Basson 77
                                                                                        - Atmosphere ca boxa pentru surround.
                                                                                        Veți obține un sunet foarte omogen, dinamic și echilibrat.

                                                                                        Cuvintele Laboratorului:
                                                                                        Aceste boxe de podea folosesc cel mai recent difuzor de medii facut din fibră sticla.
                                                                                        Răspunsul la frecvența joasă este uimitor pentru dimensiunile difuzoarelor.
                                                                                        Cu o manevrare excepțională a puterii, crossover-ul permite difuzoarelor să reproducă cu acuratete și cu precizie un sunet de înaltă calitate, cu claritate și spațialitate izbitoare, cu o dinamică bună fără precedent, cu o reproducere a basului fara distorsiune la orice setare de volum.
                                                                                        Liniaritatea curbei de sensibilitate este excelentă și ca rezultat reproduce sunetul care nu este niciodată agresiv și satisface chiar și cel mai pretentios ascultător sau muzician. Acest model poate fi cuplat cu orice tip de echipament de amplificare.

                                                                                        - Nu puneți boxele în apropierea peretelui (30 cm este necesar pentru a respira difuzorul)
                                                                                        - Utilizați un cablu de cupru de 2,5 mm2 grosime
                                                                                        - Vă recomandăm, de asemenea, utilizarea spike-urilor (oferite).

                                                                                        Boxa Davis Acoustics Centrale Dhavani

                                                                                        Acest model face parte din seria Discovery a producatorului Davis Acoustics!

                                                                                        Profilul Produsului:

                                                                                        Cea mai mare boxa de centru din seria Discovery, este perfecta pentru camere de peste 50 m2.
                                                                                        Acest model foloseste 2 woofers de 6.5 inch, difuzoare mult mai mari fata de boxe ale altor producatori in aceasta categorie de pret! Ca urmare a celor difuzoare, bass-ul este foarte adanc, precis si puternic

                                                                                        Recomandat Pentru sistemul Home Cinema:

                                                                                        Cu aceasta boxa de centru recomandam utilizarea boxelor Dhavani sau Maya pentru fata, boxe Eva sau Maya/Atmosphere pentru spate si subwooferul Basson 77. In aceasta combinatie veti beneficia din plin de toate efectele filmelor sau concertelor de muzica ascultate si o scena holografica deosebita!

                                                                                        Cuvintele Laboratorului:

                                                                                        Aceasta boxa de centru foloseste ultimul difuzor de medii de kevlar. Ca urmare a acestui fapt, frecventele joase sunt absolut uimitoare pentru dimensiunea boxei.

                                                                                        Cu ajutorul filtrelor create special pentru aceasta boxa, permite boxei sa redea cu acuratete si precizie sunetul sistemului dumneavostra, transparenta si spatialitatea avuta indiferent de putere face din acest produs un best-buy!

                                                                                        Sunetul reprodus nu este niciodata agresiv cum multi au intalnit la boxele de centru. Acest produs este creat sa poata fi integrat ca boxa de centru pentru orice sistem Home Cinema

                                                                                        - Nu puneti boxa lipita de perete, sunt necesari 30 cm, boxa trebuie sa respire
                                                                                        - Folositi cablu de boxe de cupru de 2.5mm de foarte buna calitate

                                                                                        Boxe Davis Acoustics Maya Rear

                                                                                        Acest model face parte din seria Discovery a producatorului Davis Acoustics!

                                                                                        Filozofia Produsului:

                                                                                        Cea mai mica boxa din toata gama, e gata sa te impresioneze si sa faca o mare senzatie!

                                                                                        Difuzorul woofer/midrange este facut din materiale compozite, avand un crossover de 12 dB/Oct, tweeter dome, si o structura foarte solida a incintei acustice

                                                                                        Recomandat Pentru sistemul Home Cinema:

                                                                                        Producatorul recomanda seria Discovery pentru Home Cinema, aceasta serie fiind compusa din boxa de podea, boxa de centru, boxa de raft (aceasta din urma putand fi folosita atat in zona frontala cat si pentru pe spate sau surround back)

                                                                                        Cuvintele Laboratorului:

                                                                                        Mica dar ... un sunet mare, te va impresiona in primele minute de auditie, cu certitudine!

                                                                                        Pentru o boxa mica, s-a folosit tot know-how pe care il are Davis Acoustics de mai bine de 25 de ani, acestea fiind urmatoarele:

                                                                                        - cone din compozit (fiber glass)

                                                                                        - soft dome tweeter

                                                                                        - crossover dedicat si complex (12 dB/oct, zobel network…)

                                                                                        - o incinta acustica puternica, rezistenta din lemn, lucru rar intalnit la o boxa de aceasta dimensiune si in aceasta plaja de pret!

                                                                                        - necesita rodare doar de cateva ore

                                                                                        Subwoofer Davis Acoustics Basson 77

                                                                                        Filozofia Produsului:
                                                                                        Basson 77 este un subwoofer activ conceput pentru a oferi sunet de înaltă calitate. Este destul de compact, dar a fost proiectat fără compromisuri.

                                                                                        Acesta a fost proiectat în culoare negru mat si negru lucios pentru a se potrivi cu toate boxele din gama Davis

                                                                                        Basson 77 oferă performanțe incredibile.
                                                                                        Pentru a atinge acest nivel de sunet, acest subwoofer activ utilizează cele mai bune tehnologii atat pe parte de amplificare cat si a difuzorului de bass.
                                                                                        Poate reproduce fiecare detaliu al registrului de bass, de la 30 la 150 Hz.

                                                                                        Specificatii Pachet Receiver AV Yamaha RX-A1070 + Boxe Davis Acoustics Dhavani + Boxa Davis Acoustics Centrale Dhavani + Boxe Davis Acoustics Maya Rear + Subwoofer Davis Acoustics Basson 77

                                                                                        Yamaha Philosophy

                                                                                        The Yamaha Philosophy expresses the philosophical framework of the Yamaha Group and consists of five elements: the Corporate Slogan, Corporate Philosophy, Customer Experience, Yamaha Way (mindset and manners), and Yamaha Quality (criteria for quality).Three of these, the Corporate slogan, Corporate Philosophy and Customer Experience, describe the Yamaha Group’s reasons for existence, and represent the fundamental principles that form the foundation of the Yamaha Group. In order for Yamaha to achieve this ideal, the Yamaha Way and Yamaha Quality must be adopted and practiced by all employees, and drawn from for daily inspiration and guidance.
                                                                                        Corporate Slogan- The Corporate Slogan is a more concise statement of the Yamaha Philosophy.
                                                                                        Sharing Passion & Performance
                                                                                        Corporate Philosophy- The Yamaha Philosophy defines the reason for Yamaha’s existence as a company and the goals that we seek to achieve through our work together.
                                                                                        With our unique expertise and sensibilities,
                                                                                        gained from our devotion to sound and music,
                                                                                        we are committed to creating
                                                                                        excitement and cultural inspiration
                                                                                        together with people around the world.
                                                                                        Customer Experience- The Customer Experience exemplifies the meaning of “Sharing Passion & Performance” from the customer's viewpoint. When customers experience, use, or own Yamaha products and services they should experience a profound response that will stimulate both their emotions and senses.
                                                                                        Yamaha Quality- The Yamaha Quality is a set of criteria that supports Yamaha's insistence on quality in products and services and our dedication to excellence in manufacturing. These criteria assist in making the Corporate Philosophy a reality.
                                                                                        Yamaha Way- The Yamaha Way explains the mindset that all employees of the Yamaha Group should adopt, and the manner in which they should act on a daily basis, in order to put the corporate philosophy into practice.
                                                                                        Stand on Integrity ……… Integrity
                                                                                        Take Proactive Actions ……… Initiative
                                                                                        Go Beyond the Limits ……… Challenge
                                                                                        Stick to the Goals ……… Commitment

                                                                                        The diagram of the Yamaha Philosophy

                                                                                        Embrace Your Will ……… Will
                                                                                        While endeavoring to provide customer satisfaction and contribute to society and culture, be passionate in your work.
                                                                                        Take pride in your work but maintain an attitude of humility, working with integrity to provide craftsmanship and services of the highest quality.
                                                                                        Be proactive in your work; observe, consider, discuss, and act to strengthen individual and team performance.
                                                                                        Don't limit yourself—have the courage to take on new challenges.
                                                                                        Demonstrate the creativity and fortitude required to ensure your commitments are met.
                                                                                        AVmall Blog

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