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  • Boxe GoldenEar Triton One Tower
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Disponibilitate: In stoc furnizor

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Boxe de podea, model de varf, o claritate deosebita. 14 Hz - 35 kHz, amplificator recomandat intre 20-650W. Difuzoarele de bass sunt amplificate intern de un modul de 1600W.

Premiate “boxele anului 2015” de catre revista Stereophile. Echipate cu doua difuzoare de medii si cu renumitul tweeter High-Velocity Folded Ribbon (HVFR™) dispuse intr-o configuratie D'Appolito, patru radiatoare planare de bass si trei difuzoare de bass legate la un amplificator digital ForceField de 1600W, aceste turnuri au fost laudate de toata lumea ce le-a ascultat, oferind o calitate exceptionala a sunetului la un pret ce este considerat mic pentru boxe high-end.

Triton Towers Overview
The Triton Series Towers are high-performance loudspeakers, with the top three models including a built-in powered ForceField subwoofer. All the Triton Towers are engineered for superb performance in both high quality two channel stereo systems as well as in multi-channel home theater and music systems. Their sleek, elegantly curved and tapered design is not only gorgeous but is important from a performance perspective as well. Performance-wise, the Triton Towers all deliver boxless three-dimensional imaging, which reviewers have hailed as mystical, magical - and, best summed up by the dramatic, had us believing that the entire surface of the front wall was covered with speakers.. Likewise, the powerful, deep subwoofer bass blends perfectly with the silky smooth, utterly transparent midrange and high frequencies, putting many dramatically more expensive speakers to shame.

The powered subwoofer sections in each Triton One, Two and Three incorporate a high power GoldenEar ForceField digital amplifier. The amplifier′s DSP design not only yields extremely linear and low distortion response, but also dynamically controls operating parameters for optimum performance. The amp drives up to four 5 x 9 front-mounted quadratic subwoofer bass drivers which are coupled to multiple side-mounted quadratic planar infrasonic bass radiators. The result is awe-inspiring bass, which delivers both musical subtlety as well as room-shaking authority. The advantages of building the subwoofers into the Tritons are many. First, of course, this eliminates the need for additional subwoofer boxes in the room. But more important are the performance advantages. By engineering the subwoofer as an integral part to the speaker, we get far superior integration and blending than can be achieved with separate subwoofers, even when using two. The two subwoofers in a pair of Tritons couple better to the air in the room, helping to better deal with the room's eigenmodes and smooth out response. Of course, the dual subwoofers are also intrinsically more powerful and couple together synergistically for more truly exceptional bass.

The hallmark of all GoldenEar speakers, the Triton Towers utilize our High-Velocity Folded Ribbon (HVFR™) tweeter design. The HVFR tweeter propagates sound waves and moves the air by squeezing it with its accordion-like pleated diaphragm, rather than pushing it as conventional drivers do. Greater efficiency, lower distortion, improved dynamics and superbly detailed sound are the result of this amazing technology. And every Triton Tower utilizes our amazing spider-leg, cast-basket mid/bass drivers with proprietary computer optimized cone design that assures smooth, extended response.

With their sleek, narrow baffle, the Triton Tower′s sophisticated look not only blends with any décor, but also helps the speakers create truly magnificent 3D imaging with tremendous depth, height and width that extends well beyond the loudspeakers themselves. As with all GoldenEar speakers, development work is conducted at our Arnprior, Canada engineering facility utilizing our full-size anechoic chamber, which is an exact duplicate of the chamber at the NRC in Ottawa Canada, in combination with intense critical listening.

The Triton Towers are all beautifully finished with an elegant black designer cloth, piano-black base and top cap.

Triton One
The Triton One is an evolutionary speaker that builds upon all the advanced technologies that have made the Tritons famous. The sleek 54 tall Triton One represents the highest technology GoldenEar has to offer, including 56 bit DSP engine for the sub section, a fully balanced crossover design, high-end film capacitors, advanced cabinet design, and much more. The Triton One includes a built-in subwoofer section powered by a 1600 watt GoldenEar ForceField digital amplifier. The amp drives three 5 x 9 front-mounted quadratic subwoofer bass drivers which are coupled to dual (per side) side-mounted 7 x 10 quadratic planar infrasonic bass radiators. Our newly developed Frequency Dependent Bass Loading Technology, utilizing open-cell polyurethane foam damping pads, as well as special hollow-fiberfill, further optimizes low-frequency performance.There are two newly designed 5-1/4 cast-basket midrange/upper bass drivers, which incorporate GoldenEar′s proprietary Multi-Vaned Phase Plug (MVPP™) design, housed in dual discreet midrange chambers, arranged in a D′Appolito array surrounding the extraordinary GoldenEar High-Velocity Folded Ribbon (HVFR™) tweeter.

The result is a superb reference home audio and home theater loudspeaker, already honored by the prestigious 2014 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award, that has performance equal to, and in many cases surpassing, speakers selling for ten times its cost. Remarkably precise 3D imaging with a huge soundstage of exceptional height, depth and breadth. And, of course, a pair′s dual powered subwoofers deliver remarkably deep, tight, bass performance, perfect for music as well as dynamic home theater.

Specificatii Boxe GoldenEar Triton One Tower

Specificatii Driver Complement
3 x 5 x 9 long-throw quadratic sub-bass drivers coupled to:
4 x 7 x 10 planar infrasonic radiators
2 x 5-1/4 highdefinition cast-basket MVPP mid/bass drivers
1 x High-Velocity Folded Ribbon (HFVR™) Tweeter.

- Frequency Response: 14 Hz − 35 kHz
- Sensitivity: 92 dB
- Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
- Recommended Amplifier: 20 - 650 Watt/channel
- Built-In Subwoofer Power Amplification: 1600 Watt ForceField Amplifier
- Dimensions: 137 cm x 14,6 cm x 41,9 cm (incl. voet)
- Weight: 36,2 kg

GoldenEar - Epoca de Aur a sunetului

America de Nord este, indiscutabil si dupa orice criteriu, unul dintre epicentrele mondiale ale industriei audio/video, iar producatorii de boxe din aceasta parte a Lumii sunt printre etaloanele domeniului. Iar GoldenEar nu face exceptie de la aceasta regula.

Condusa de o echipa de entuziasti care au impreuna peste 100 de ani de experienta in domeniu, GoldenEar se lauda in primul rand cu resursele umane - inginerii sai sunt, toti, posesori de “urechi de aur”, adica dotati cu un simt al sunetului iesit din comun. Simt care se regaseste din plin pe semnatura Sonora a boxelor construite de acestia, considerate de multi nemaipomenite. Daca mai sunt si comparate cu produse similare ale concurentei, dar care costa de cateva ori mai mult, GoldenEar devine, subit, o alegere pe care nu multi audiofili o pot ignora.

Poate cea mai importanta caracteristica a boxelor GoldenEar este consistenta pe care o regasim de la seriile cele mai ieftine si pana la gama de top. Din momentul in care le scoti din cutii, devine imediat evident ca producatorul nu a facut rabat de la grija cu care a ales materialele, iar apoi, la auditie, se clarifica si componenta tehnologica, indiferent de pretul platit. Atunci cand au fost rugati sa descrie amprenta sonora a boxelor GoldenEar, producatorii au declarant: “Boxele noastre dunt concepute sa nu sune ca altceva in afara de sunetul care vine din aplificator in difuzoare.

Dupa cum era si normal, tinand cont de povestea de mai sus, recenziile pozitive si premiile nu au intarziat sa apara - nenumarate premii de produs al lunii sau chiar al anului, recenzii elogioase si chiar reputatul Golden Ear Award pentru Triton Reference. De la boxele dedicate sistemelor stereo si pana la senzationalele 3D Array, dedicate sistemelor surround, bijuteriile sonore marca GoldenEar pot face deliciul oricarui pasionat de sunet, indiferent de exigente. 

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Boxe GoldenEar Triton One Tower
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