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Accesoriu pentru Analog Player fo.Q DS-25E

122,85 RON
This product is an audio quality-improving seal for optical discs, utilizing an organic polymer hybrid damping material with the highest level of vibration-absorption performance. Simply apply the 0.3-mm thick ring-shaped seal to the center of a CD, DVD, or other optical disc to absorb

Accesoriu pentru Analog Player fo.Q RS-912

505,05 RON
‘fo.Q Analog Record Player Components′ are composed of 2 semi rigid turntable sheet types with different thickness (1 mm and 2 mm) processing smooth surface properties using the latest molding technologies. They also have a thin adjustment tape (adhesive sheet at about 0.5 mm thick)

Accesoriu pentru Analog Player fo.Q RS-5D

586,95 RON
Turntable sheets of DP-3000, DP-6000, and DP-7000 series exclusive use. Size and Contents 2 kinds of 290mm diameter turntable sheets (2mm thickness / 1mm thickness adjustment sheet) adjustment tape (adhesive sheet at about 0.5 mm thick)for the cartridge, head shell and

Accesoriu pentru Analog Player fo.Q RS-33

923,65 RON
The RS-33 features a laminated structure made from organic polymer hybrid vibration-damping sheets and advanced hybrid ceramics, and each product is individually crafted. It gives the core of the sound a lovely, mellifluous aspect that brings the listener the live ambiance of a concert

Demagnetizator Acoustic Revive RD-3

1501,50 RON
High evaluation reviews! RD-3 review by Affordable Audio 2012 MJ Technology of the year1998/2003 Audio Excellence Award Prize in accessory category2003 Visual Grand Prix in home theater accessories Input voltage 100V Size W160*D198*H56mm Weight 650g Patent Japan:No.2942760,