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ETI Eichmann Fractal Resonance Topper

432,25 RON
Element fractal din aluminiu extrudat pentru eliminarea rezonanţelor nedorite de pe suprafeţele incintelor acustice şi a echipamentelor audio. Rezultatul este un sunet mai curat şi mai precis, un bass mai scurt şi concis, microdetalii şi soundstage sporite. Made in Australia
  • -20%

SHAKTI Innovations On-Lines

677,95 RON 541,45 RON
SHAKTI On-Lines use a specially engineered circuit adapted from the larger SHAKTI Stabilizer. The On-Lines provide efficient EMI reduction in situations where limited space is a consideration. Placed near automotive CPU′s, the On-Lines have demonstrated the same

Acoustic Revive - EMF Canceller REM-8

1360,45 RON
Size: W80 X D105 X H14mm Two size AAA batteries included 2009 SUMMER Visual Grand Prix 2009 Audio Excellence Award Top Prize in accessory category 2009 Audio Excellence Award Accessory Grand Prix 2009 Visual Grand Prix 2008 U.S Audiophile Magazine
  • -13%

Synergistic Research HFT High Frequency Transducer

1365,00 RON 1183,00 RON
Set de 5 elemente pentru acordul acustic al camerei de auditie. Controlează vibratiile din sasiul diferitelor echipamente audio si rezonanta cabinetelor incintelor acustice. Imbunatateste extensia si controlul bass-ului. Sporeste detaliile si micro-dinamica sunetului.
  • -13%

Synergistic Research ECT Electronic Circuit Transducer

1365,00 RON 1183,00 RON
Set de 5 elemente pentru uniformizarea campurilor electromagnetice prin reducerea RFI si EMI in interiorul echipamentelor audio. Sporesc performantele dac-urilor, circuitelor electronice, sigurantelor fuzibile, lampilor, condensatoarelor si transformatoarelor In exteriorul cutiilor

Acoustic Revive - Ground Conditioner RGC-24

1592,50 RON
Dimensions : 88 x 18 mm (main body) Weight : 384g Length of cable : 50cm RCA plug connection adapter included 2009 SUMMER Visual Grand Prix 2008 U.S Audiophile Magazine 6moon Blue Moon Award 2008 U.S Audiophile Magazine The Stereo Times Most Wanted
  • -114 lei

Synergistic Research Satellite

1706,25 RON 1592,50 RON
Magnetron Satellite - controleaza acustic prima reflexie a peretilor laterali intr-o camera de auditie imbunatatind imaginea si soundstage-ul sunetului, dar si temperand frecventele inalte prea stridente. Gravitron Satellite - balanseaza presiunea acustica provenita din reflexiile

Acoustic Revive - Ultra Low Frequency Pulse Generator RR-888

1729,00 RON
2013 French Magazine Diapason D`OR Award Gold Medal2013 Audio Accessory Excellence Award2012 MJ Technology of the year2009 French Magazine Diapason D`OR Award Gold MedalU.S Audiophile Magazine 6moon Blue Moon Award2008 U.S Audiophile Magazine The Stereo Times Most Wanted Components Award2002

Synergistic Research UEF Acoustic Panels

2502,50 RON
First developed for recording studio applications, UEF Acoustic Panels are being used by Grammy Award winning recording and mastering engineers. UEF Acoustic Panels do not rely on traditional dampening, therefore they do not compress your system′s ability to create a holographic sound

Synergistic Research Acoustic ART Basik (Analogue Room Treatment)

2730,00 RON
Set de 5 elemente pentru tratarea acustica discreta a camerei de auditie fara a mai fi nevoie de tratamente traditionale ce ocupa suprafete mari. Setul contine 1 Satelit pentru peretele frontal, 3 Sateliti pentru peretii laterali si peretele dorsal si 1 Bass Station Diferentele fata
  • -319 lei

Synergistic Research Bass Station

3867,50 RON 3549,00 RON
Rezonator pentru acordul acustic al frecventelor joase intr-o camera de auditie. Made in USA.The Bass Station should be placed directly below the Vibratron, approximately three to six inches out from the front wall, with the dispersion baffle facing your listening position while

Procesor/Corector Sunet DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core

4049,50 RON
Optimize your stereo system with Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual CoreSpeaker-room interaction is typically the most important performance-limiting factor of any high-end audio system. Every listening space introduces errors that can be in the magnitude of dozen decibels or even more. These errors
  • -774 lei

Synergistic Research Vibratron

8190,00 RON 7416,50 RON
Format dintr-un rezonator si 6 magneti, Vibratron este un ansamblu special dezvoltat pentru acordul acustic al frecventelor medii si inalte intr-o camera de auditie. Made in USA.The Vibratron is placed on the front wall behind your main speakers approximately six to eight inches above the
  • -28%

SHAKTI Innovations Hallograph (Soundfield Optimizer)

11370,45 RON 8185,45 RON
RRP is 2400 euroThe Hallograph breakthrough technology is the result of over 10 years of research that studied the effects of the speaker/room interface. We learned how to reduce the audibility of the chaotic reflections from the walls of the listening room so they