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Boxa Sumvision N- Coolio 2.0

59,00 RON
USB powered No mains adapter required, only USB is needed to fully power the Coolio speakers Small and portable 2.0 speaker A small and stylish design, with a small design you can easily take these speakers wherever you go. In built volume control

Boxe Sumvision N-Cube Pro-B 2.1 (Bluetooth)

259,00 RON
2.1 speaker set with subwoofer and a total RMS power output of 14 Watts. Great for a home PC system Bluetooth v2.1 connects to all mobile Bluetooth devices, Volume; bass and treble control.

Boxa Sumvision N-Coda 2.1

299,00 RON
A powerful and stylish compact 18 Watt speaker set with subwoofer. Unique design with large volume control at the top of the sub woofer.

Boxe Sumvision V-Cube 5.1

379,00 RON
Bring your music, movies, and games to life in your living room with this power Home Cinema Sound System. Suitable for your DVD system or PC system Comes with a remote control to control your bass,treble,vol and many other functions.

Boxe Sumvision V-Cube 5.1 Bluetooth

399,00 RON
Bring your music, movies, and games to life in your living room with this power Home Cinema Sound System. Suitable for your DVD system or PC system Connect and playback wireless from your Bluetooth mobile devices iphone, ipad, Samsung, android devices directly to V-Cube-B. Comes with a
  • -10%

Boxe Yamaha NS-P150

635,00 RON 569,00 RON
Center and 2 Surround Speaker Package. High performance speakers that are ideal for HD movies and music.Two 8cm (3-1/4”) cone woofers and 1.4cm (1/2”) balanced dome tweeter for distinct dialogue and clear vocals (Center speaker)8cm (3-1/4”) cone woofer and 1.4cm (1/2”) balanced dome
  • -16%

Boxe Yamaha NS-P160

677,00 RON 569,00 RON
Two surround speakers and one centre speaker deliver the high sound quality you expect from Yamaha speakers. All have 2-way acoustic suspension designs with one (surround) or two (centre) 8cm cones and a 1.4cm balanced dome.Side panels with elegant rounded edgesPerfectly matched home

Boxe Onkyo SKS-22

699,00 RON
f you′re looking for a cost-effective way to enjoy quality surround sound in smaller sized rooms, the SKS-22X speakers are ready to do just that. Designed to compliment an existing set of stereo front speakers, the SKS-22X comprises a magnetically shielded, gloss-finished center cabinet
  • NOU

Boxe Onkyo SKS-4800

699,00 RON
The SKS-4800 Center/Surround Package is designed to partner the Onkyo SKF-4800 floor-standing front speakers in a five-channel surround setup. Compact dimensions make for an unobtrusive install, while quality components and sturdy, well-finished cabinets ensure immersive, room-filling sound.

Boxe Pioneer S-HS100

798,00 RON
Front Speakers Woofer 7.7cm cone type (full range) Enclosure
  • -14%

Boxe Yamaha NS-P60

815,00 RON 699,00 RON
Pachetul Yamaha NS-P60 este destinat utilizarii intr-o configuratie audio multi-channel ca, de exemplu, un sistem home-theater. Pachetul include doua boxe de efect si una de centru. Tip Pachet Center and Surround pentru sistem 5.1ch
  • -46 lei

Boxe Yamaha NS-P20

985,00 RON 939,00 RON
5.1-channel home theater speakers featuring a stylish, curvy design. The Advanced YST subwoofer outputs strong and clear bass. 5.1-channel stylish speaker packageStylish, curvy design looks fresh in any interiorGlossy black cabinets match the latest TV designsHD Audio

Boxe Yamaha NS-P40

989,00 RON
5.1-channel home theater speaker package for enjoying full surround sound with music and movies. The Advanced YST II subwoofer outputs strong and clear bass. 5.1-channel traditional design speaker packageHD Audio compatibility and speakers with sufficient volume
  • -50 lei

Boxe Pioneer S-ESR2TB

1049,00 RON 999,00 RON
This slim tall speaker package smartly integrates woofers on the side, enriching its sound with powerful bass without the need for an additional subwoofer. The 3-way tall speakers each have a large 16 cm woofer with a special concaved, stiff cone for rumbling lows. The woofer effect is
  • -50 lei

Boxe Pioneer S-ES21TB

1099,00 RON 1049,00 RON
The S-ES21TB offers a great solution for those looking for a fantastic speaker package without having to rely on a subwoofer. This package consists of two tall boy speakers with a large 16 cm woofer, two wall mountable surround speakers, and a magnetically shielded centre speaker. The