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Amplificator Receiver Pioneer SX-20

Negru Argintiu
999,00 RON 969,00 RON
With an immense power output of 100 W per channel, the SX-20-S stereo receiver is built to provide massive sound. You can hook the stereo receiver to a Super Audio player, a network audio player, a recorder, and even to a turntable via the Phono MM terminal. Completely power-driven,
  • -46 lei

Amplificator Receiver Yamaha R-S201

1045,00 RON 999,00 RON
High sound quality and sophisticated design based on Yamaha′s rich experience and high-end model concepts. A HiFi Receiver for enjoying excellent sound.Yamaha high sound quality, created by rich experience and tradition, and high technological expertise40 station FM/AM preset tuningSimple
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Amplificator Receiver Yamaha R-S202D

1099,00 RON
Yamaha, the most trusted brand in home audio, adds Bluetooth® compatibility in this Hi-Fi receiver for easy wireless access to streaming music services and music on your smartphone or other devices. Enjoy the connectivity and the outstanding and legendary quality of Yamaha natural sound.Advanced

Amplificator Receiver Onkyo TX-8020

Negru Argintiu
1199,00 RON
Key Features Discrete Amplifier Design with Quality PartsHigh-Current, Low-Impedance DriveWide Selection of Audio InputsHigh-Quality A/B Speaker TerminalsRemote Interactive Makes System Control EasyStereo Receiver A Simple, Sweet-Sounding Hi-Fi Solution If you′re looking to get

Receiver AV Pioneer VSX-330

1249,00 RON
Budget-friendly 105W AV Receiver. Intensify your home entertainment experience with 5.1 HD surround sound. The VSX-330 will be the centre of your audio gaming setup and home cinema system. This AV receiver ensures amazing movie-watching madness: it will even pass through
  • -56 lei

Receiver AV Yamaha HTR-2067

1255,00 RON 1199,00 RON
With discrete amp configuration, CINEMA DSP and a new Extra Bass function, this AV Receiver is designed for high sound quality. Features like 4K Ultra HD pass-through and SCENE ensure full enjoyment of your advanced home theatre system. 5-channel
  • -50 lei

Amplificator Receiver Pioneer SX-20DAB

Negru Argintiu
1349,00 RON 1299,00 RON
Radio in best digital quality The high-performance, discreet amplifiers with 100 watts per channel and the Pioneer direct energy concept with short signal paths and optimised circuits guarantee high-quality stereo reproduction. Thanks to the two connection terminals for loudspeakers

Receiver AV Onkyo TX-SR252

1499,00 RON
Key Features HDMI® 4 In / 1 Out for UltraHDLossless High-Definition Movie SoundtracksTrue Power from Discrete AmplifiersEasy Connection Guide on Back PanelFront USB Port for MP3, WMA, and AAC Playback5.1-Channel A/V Receiver Unlock the Full Movie Experience with Authentic 5.1 Sound Soundbars

Receiver AV Pioneer VSX-531

1499,00 RON
Impressive value already at entry level In addition to digital TV and Blu-ray, one nowadays usually has other HD video sources − such as a game console, a streaming box or a streaming stick. It is reassuring to know that even the affordable VSX-531 has four HDMI ports that
  • -146 lei

Amplificator Receiver Yamaha R-S300

1545,00 RON 1399,00 RON
Affordable model with advanced features. 55W x 2 (max), 50W x 2 (RMS) high power outputART base chassis to minimise noise and vibrationPure Direct for short and direct signal pathAluminium-extruded front panelContinuous Variable Loudness ControliPhone/iPod/Bluetooth®
  • -15%

Receiver AV Yamaha RX-V379

1579,00 RON 1349,00 RON
Discrete amp circuit design 5.1-channel AV Receiver supporting Bluetooth® for wireless music streaming, 4K Ultra HD pass-through (HDCP2.2/4K60p), YPAO and front USB input, and a new-design easy-to-use remote controller is attached. It lets you fully enjoy your home theatre with ease. 5-channel
  • -32 lei

Amplificator Receiver Yamaha R-N301

1590,00 RON 1558,00 RON
Easily Affordable, High Quality Network HiFi Receiver with AirPlay compatibility. Delivers high quality sound from diverse audio sources. Support for a dedicated app and connection to a TV via digital input and DC-Out are just some of the many features that this attractive unit offers. Enjoy
  • -150 lei

Receiver AV Yamaha RX-V381

1599,00 RON 1449,00 RON
This 5.1-channel AV Receiver combines the sophistication of HDMI® with support for 4K60p (4:4:4), HDCP2.2, HDR and BT.2020 with Bluetooth® for wireless music streaming and the convenience of YPAO™, front USB input and Eco mode. 5-channel
  • -85 lei

Receiver AV Yamaha HTR-3068

1660,00 RON 1575,00 RON
AV receiver that supports Bluetooth® for wireless music playback, 4K Ultra HD video with HDCP 2.2 compatibility and a discrete 5.1-channel amplifier design. YPAO automatically calibrates your listening environment for optimal sound performance.Bluetooth® for wireless music streaming

Receiver AV Harman/Kardon AVR 151S

1795,00 RON
AVR 151S este un receiver 5.1 ce propune un sunet excelent și o varietate de opţiuni de conectivitate. Echipat cu 4 intrări HDMI, acest produs dispune de absolut tot ce aveţi nevoie pentru audiţii de-a dreptul spectaculoase. AVR 151S integrează cinci amplificatoare