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Procesor de Sunet SPEC RSP-501EX

3077,40 RON
“Real-Sound” Processor brings out full potential of your amplifier and speakers, delivering realistic sound and full of musicality. When the music are playing back on any audio systems, generally the counter-electromotive force always occurs in the voice coil of the speaker

Procesor de Sunet SPEC 901EX

3233,50 RON
You could find out an unexperienced Real-Sound and far beyond music expressions of past-audio with 901EX, our latest Real-Sound Processor.  You could recognize at one hearing, PSP-901EX is not only an audio-accessory but also a real audio-gear for improving the sound

Modul Egalizator Accuphase AD-2820

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The AD-2820 uses printed circuit boards made from glass cloth fluorocarbon resin, housed in a sturdy aluminum enclosure to minimize any kind of external influence. The input terminals are connected to the amplification circuitry by the shortest possible route, realizing outstanding

Procesor de Sunet Accuphase DF-55

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Multi-amplification is regarded as the pinnacle of the audio world. The term refers to dividing the musical spectrum into several distinct bands and handling each of these using a dedicated power amplifier and directly connected speaker unit. Such a system is necessarily more complex,

Procesor de Sunet Accuphase DG-58

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In 1997, Accuphase introduced a product which revolutionized the concept of the graphic equalizer and made headlines in the audio world: The DG-58 Digital Voicing Equalizer now raises the bar again. It is a 4th generation product that reflects the state of