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Player Portabil Aune M1s

1199,00 RON
Aune M1s este deja la a doua generaţie de player portabil, Aune înlocuind astfel popularele M1. M1s acum beneficiaza de un puternic procesor ARM Cortex M7, susţinand astfel un număr mult mare de formate audio incluzand DSD file.Aune M1s este un player audio digital High End cu ieșiri pentru

Player Portabil Aune M2 32Bit DSD Music Player

M2 standard M2 pro M2S blue version
1999,00 RON
Superb reproduction of the original live event or original recording session Comfortable for long listening sessions Versatile with all genres Your first choice! ARM+CPLD as the core audio framework The M2 uses native decoding

Player Portabil Pioneer XDP-100R

2249,00 RON
Experience the highest possible sound quality even when on the moveThe HiRes XDP-100 digital audio player from Pioneer is the right travel partner for demanding music fans. It plays HiRes WAV and FLAC files with Studio Master resolutions of up to 384 kHz/24 bit and DSD files of up to 11.2 MHz.

Player Portabil Onkyo DAC-HA300

2699,00 RON
Key Features Hi-Res Support for iOS and AndroidPremium Digital-to-Analog Conversion TechnologySelectable Gain for High-Impedance HeadphonesCombined Digital and Analog Line InputUSB-Charging Lithium-ion BatteryD/A Converter/Headphone Amplifier/SD Player Portability and Pure Musicality

Player Portabil Pioneer XDP-300R

3149,00 RON
Freedom of Google PlayAccess to Google Play opens the capabilities of XDP-300R beyond what′s built in, like streaming music, video, and games. (Deezer, Spotify, TIDAL are included among “Useful Apps” tab)Multiple connectivity methods with high quality audio outputs and wireless functionalityDigital

Player Portabil Onkyo DP-X1

3599,00 RON
Dual DACs and Amps DriveMany Hi-Res Audio FormatsTwo Types of Balanced OutputRealtime DSD Conversion and UpsamplingSupreme Listening ExperienceDigital Audio PlayerA Versatile and Powerful Portable Audio Player and Streaming DeviceOnkyo has blazed a trail for Hi-Res audio, from our amplifiers

Player Portabil DSD/DXD + Convertor Digital/Analog (DAC) Calyx M

5455,45 RON
Calyx Audio of South Korea manufactures the M — a DSD capable, high-resolution hand held music player. The M also does double duty as a digital-to-analog converter, and the custom-designed software lets users browse and create playlists on the go. The