Receptor Microfon Reloop RUF 2 HH

649,90 RON
The RUF-2 HH consists of a 2 channel UHF receiver and two hand-held transmitter microphones, in case one mic is needed for main vocals and the other is needed for the background vocals. Features Wireless microphone set

Receptor Microfon Reloop RUF 1 HH

399,90 RON
The RUF series offers professional wireless microphone technology especially for on-stage use. With quartz-controlled oscillation, double squelch, high transmission accuracy and comfortable use, Reloop also becomes the first choice in the wireless microphone segment. The RUF-1 HH is

Receptor Microfon Reloop RWM 10 HH MK2

899,90 RON
The Reloop RWM-10 system is the wireless solution for professional demands. True Diversity Technology ensures that the two antennaes maintain a parallel connection with the transmitter, while the stronger signal is always chosen. For outstanding transmission stability and quality which