Microfon Reloop RSM 90 v2

99,90 RON
The RSM-90 V.2 benefits from the especially efficient uni-direction cartridge that produces a powerful and strong sound signal. Due to the extended frequency range this cardiode microphone offers a high articulateness regarding voice sound characteristics without neglecting the beat

Microfon Reloop RSM 158

199,90 RON
Even in the microphone segment Reloop has been making a name for itself in the professional league with its new RSM-158. The technical facts alone leave no doubts as to this being a precision tool. A sensitivity of almost 50 decibel plus a frequency starting at a very low range impress

Microfon Reloop RSM 120

149,90 RON
The RSM-120 goes strong due to its powerful sound characteristics: brilliant highs and treble, powerful bass; all in all remarkable volume characteristics. And thanks to the marginal sensitivity playback is very balanced. Features