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Master Clock Generator Sforzato PMC-02 EX

15015,00 RON
Phase noise performance that exceeds that of Rubidium clock generators The PMC-02 EX utilizes an OCXO component that guarantees, under the worst condition, phase noise of -100dBc/Hz @ 1Hz. Generous power supply The PMC-02 EX also makes use of a high capacity toroidal

Master Clock Generator Sforzato PMC-00BVA EX

177450,00 RON
Dramatically low neighborhood phase noise The PMC-00BVA EX utilizes an Oscilloquartz 8607 BVA, which reaches neighborhood phase noise of -118dBc/Hz at 1Hz. Generally, rubidium-based generators only reach -70dBc/Hz. Even high-fidelity rubidium generators manufactured