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Doza Pick-Up Audio-Technica ATN95E

100,00 RON
Replacement stylus for AT95E cartridgeThe ATN95E is also compatible with discontinued models AT93 and AT95.

Doza Pick-Up Audio-Technica AT-91 (MM)

110,00 RON
AT91 Moving Magnet Cartridge, Yellow finishOne of the most popular entry level cartridges available today. The AT91 features a conical stylus and robust housing for reliable, long lasting performance.Recommended by industry professionals as the go-to cartridge for entry level systems

Doza Pick-Up Audio-Technica AT-3482 H/U (MM)

111,00 RON
Doza Moving-Magnet cu ac conic ( 0.7 mil )Montura P-Mount

Doza Pick-Up Audio-Technica ATN3472SE

115,00 RON
Ac de schimb pentru doza Audio-Technica AT-311 EP.Este compatibil si cu AT92ECD, AT301EP si AT316EP.To remove old stylus (needle), hold the cartridge in one hand, grasp the plastic stylus housing with thumb and forefinger, and pull away from the cartridge. The stylus assembly comes away

Doza Pick-Up Edwards Audio Talk Zephyr C50 MMCartridge

135,00 RON
An excellent moving magnet design with a carbon cantilever and spherical diamond stylus.Included in the packaging is a set of non magnetic hex bolts and Allen key and instructions.

Convertor Digital/Analog (DAC) Fiio Taishan-D03K

159,00 RON
The TAISHAN-D03K from FiiO is a simple device that converts coaxial or optical S/PDIF digital audio into a stereo analog output, perfect for multimedia components such as TVs or CD/DVD/Blu-ray players
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Doza Pick-Up Audio-Technica AT-95 E (MM)

189,00 RON 169,00 RON
Fabricat in Japonia

Senzor Infrarosu Extern OPPO IR-ES2

189,00 RON
IR-ES2 External IR Sensor for OPPO BDP-93EU/95EU/103EU/105EU/103D Allows for installation where the IR sensor is blocked, such as behind solid doors. Please note the IR-ES2 Sensor is powered by the player via USB.

Doza Pick-Up Edwards Audio Talk Zephyr C100 MM Cartridge

199,00 RON
Moving up from the Zephyr C50, the C100 offers improved performance in all areas, from the tighter bass, clearly defined mid range, to the more fluent top end, the C100 is a massive improvement to the stock cartridge your turntable came with.

Dust Cover Reloop RP1000/RP2000/RP4000

199,00 RON
Dust Cover-ul de la Reloop iti protejeaza pickpurile de praf, murdarie si alte intamplari nedorite. Este conceput pentru Reloop RP1000, RP2000 si RP4000 si este fabricat din policarbonat.

Dust Cover Reloop RP7000/RP8000

249,00 RON
Dust Cover-ul de la Reloop iti protejeaza pickpurile de praf, murdarie si alte intamplari nedorite. Este conceput pentru Reloop RP7000 si RP8000 si este fabricat din policarbonat.

Convertor Digital/Analog (DAC) Fiio D07 TV Multi-channel

259,00 RON
The D07 from FiiO is a compact and convenient multi-channel (stereo) TV digital to analog converter that supports Dolby Digital, DTS, AC-3 and MPEG-2 formats. It outputs the analog signal via dual RCA

Amplificator Integrat Dayton Audio DTA-1 Class T

299,00 RON
Mini-amplificatorul Dayton Audio DTA-1 are prezenta unui interpret serios intr-un design portabil. Cipul de ieșire DTA-1 de Clasa T produce o calitate vizuala, dinamica a sunetului, care poate rivaliza cu dispozitivele ezoterice cu amperi de până la 15 waţi, fiind la un pas de a detrona