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USB/CD Player Numark NDX 500

1149,90 RON
The very definition of versatile NDX500 is a USB/CD media player and software controller that lets you DJ with your entire media library—anywhere. Combining comprehensive standalone functionality with deep hardware and software integration, NDX500 is capable of playing and mixing
  • -138 lei

Digital Multimedia Deck Pioneer CDJ-350

2894,54 RON 2756,28 RON
The CDJ-350 is a quality entry-level DJ deck that will play all professional and popular formats on CD or USB, in line with the professional CDJ-2000. And it really comes to life when you connect with your computer. Its USB connection allows for Plug & Play control of compatible DJ software,

USB/CD Player Numark Mixdeck Express

2899,90 RON
THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS There are few controllers that can claim to play just about anything, but Mixdeck Express enables you to play standalone through different media, plus connect to a laptop. Mixdeck Express is a full-featured DJ controller that comes complete with Serato DJ Intro

Player Pioneer XDJ-700

3563,54 RON
The XDJ-700 comes with a large touchscreen, a familiar club layout and it inherits a host of features from its big brother, the XDJ-1000. Its compact size and removable stand offer great set-up possibilities for even the smallest booth or home set-up. With support for our free rekordbox™
  • -178 lei

Digital Multimedia Deck Pioneer CDJ-850

4455,54 RON 4277,14 RON
The fundamentals of serious DJing. Replacing the CDJ-800MK2, the CDJ-850 offers some major enhancements over its predecessor. This deck is designed to feel and function like a CDJ-900 or CDJ-2000 and is rekordbox enabled, while maintaining an affordable price. No matter what source
  • -178 lei

Digital DJ Deck Pioneer XDJ-1000

4901,54 RON 4723,14 RON
Your springboard from the bedroom to the DJ booth. The XDJ-1000 is the first ever deck to feature a touch screen, a familiar club layout and a host of pro-DJ performance features, while maintaining an affordable price. On top of that it is the first digitally focused, USB-only, rekordbox-ready
  • -223 lei

Digital DJ Deck Pioneer CDJ-900NXS

6685,54 RON 6462,54 RON
Progressive performance. The CDJ-900NXS builds on the success of its predecessor, the CDJ-900, plus it′s packed with new technology including a full colour LCD screen, Beat Divide, four-deck Beat Sync and the ability to play sets from a smartphone. The CDJ-900NXS boasts a high resolution
  • -268 lei

Digital DJ Deck Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS

8915,54 RON 8647,94 RON
The best, got better! Meet the next generation DJ turntable that opens doors to performances beyond your wildest dreams. Use the included rekordbox DJ software or download the new rekordbox app (learn more) to prepare mindblowing sets. The CDJ-2000nexus allows you to evolve beyond