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Stereophile Test CD 3 from Stereophile magazine

67,35 RON
Contains 27 tracks including music, signals for testing loudspeakers and rooms including warble tones, as well as signals for testing electronic components including square waves, multi-tone signals, and sine waves.

Stereophile Test CD 2 from Stereophile magazine

67,35 RON
Place your speakers and test them for distortion. Hear what CD jitter sounds like!

Stereophile Test CD 1 from Stereophile magazine

67,35 RON
Phase your system, test your speakers and listening room, and hear the difference a microphone can make. Take this disc with you when evaluating equipment.

Stereophile Editors Choice CD from Stereophile magazine

85,31 RON
Editor John Atkinson picks his favorite tracks from his recordings and explains how each one will help evaluate and perfect your audio system. Select test tones included.

Manger Reference CD

89,80 RON
I have seldom heard a CD with such an excellent selection of music examples. The sound quality and the interpretations leave nothing to be desired. Serious music-lover get their money's worth.

CARA Test CD for Room Acoustics from ELAC Technische Software GmbH

112,25 RON
Test CD designed to help you test the acoustics of your listening room. Tracks 1-28 contain pure sine wave tones (70 sec. per track), Tracks 29-55 reproduce narrowband (1/18 octave) pink noise (70 sec. per track). The last four tracks provide coloration, polarity, and phase testing.

Auditory Demonstrations CD from Philips

211,03 RON
76 tracks featuring demonstrations of cancelled harmonics, decibel scale, masking, virtual pitch, logarithmic and linear frequency scales, effect of echoes, and more.

DCAT3 Test 3CD Set from Tracer Technologies

224,50 RON
A comprehensive set of 147 audio signals contained in a 3 CD set that is very useful for room acoustical response balancing and audio equipment testing and evaluation. Includes these signal types: discrete, swept, random noise, weighted narrowband random noise, phase inverted and quadrature

CD-Check from Digital Recordings

224,50 RON
Now, for the first time, you can easily insure your CD player delivers the complete range of digital sound, not just an approximation. CD-CHECK will quickly guide you in getting the best performance from your player, while helping you maintain its key components in peak condition. Use

Audio/Acoustics Test 3CD Suite Electroacoustician Designer from Ontario Audio Specialties Ltd

251,44 RON
Audio/Acoustics Test 3CD Suite Electroacoustician Designer from Ontario Audio Specialties LtdThis test CD suite is designed to provide both professional and enthusiasts alike with the industry's most comprehensive collection of test signals ever assembled on disc. A 3-disc set, the EAD