Casti Yamaha HPH-PRO300

899,00 RON
High-Fidelity On-Ear Headphone Just because you travel light doesn′t mean you have to compromise on your music. The HPH-PRO300 gives you the best of both worlds − portability and power. Its sleek, lightweight design is perfectly matched with a bold, precise and vibrant sound.Sleek
  • -40 lei

Casti Yamaha HPH-200

539,00 RON 499,00 RON
Created to convey the authentic sound of every musical instrument. Headphones that embody true Yamaha quality with incredibly detailed sound and superb comfort.Sound quality that meets Yamaha′s highest standardsOpen-air design for natural sound and long use without listening fatigueLarge
  • -25%

Casti Yamaha HPH-MT220

1039,00 RON 780,00 RON
Clarity and Creativity Clear, accurate sound. Elegant, beautifully simple. Created for creators, designed for your masterpieces.High-resolution sound for modern recording Every element of these high-quality headphones have been designed to
  • -24%

Casti Yamaha HPH-MT120

589,00 RON 450,00 RON
Clarity and Creativity Clear, accurate sound. Elegant, beautifully simple. Created for creators, designed for your masterpieces.Modern music production technology has taken revolutionary leaps over the last ten years. Greater than-CD resolution, noise-free recording and all-digital

Casti Yamaha HPH-M82

Gold Red Black White Blue Brown
369,00 RON
Music Has Never Been More Fashionable. Great sound quality is important, but it′s not everything. The things you wear should look nice and feel comfortable. That′s why Yamaha′s new HPH-M82 headphones look every bit as good as they sound. Wherever you go, take your music with
  • -31 lei

Casti Pioneer HDJ-500

430,00 RON 399,00 RON
The HDJ-500 DJ headphones are designed for a flexible DJ lifestyle by adapting to both DJing at home, in the club or auditioning your dance music on the go. Using technology from headphones further up the range as well as new innovations, the HDJ-500 makes monitoring the tempo of dance
  • -11%

Casti Pioneer HDJ-500T

469,00 RON 419,00 RON
The HDJ-500T have a straight cord with a microphone that allows for on the go hands-free talking when listening to music on a mobile phone. Push the phone button to quickly answer the phone and start a hands-free call, even when listening to music on your mobile phone. (The straight
  • -50 lei

Casti Pioneer HDJ-1500

899,00 RON 849,00 RON
Superb Sound Quality With high-quality components, the HDJ-1500 delivers perfectly balanced sound across all frequencies. The headphones feature copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils, large 50 mm driver units, rare earth magnets and 38μm-thick diaphragms, guaranteeing accurate reproduction
  • -61 lei

Casti Pioneer HDJ-C70

820,00 RON 759,00 RON
These lightweight headphones are built for comfort in the DJ booth, delivering a superb, true sound across the frequencies. The HDJ-C70s feature a flexible headband and rotatable housings to support every style of monitoring. Its innovative sound-isolation chamber, inherited from the

Casti Pioneer HDJ-2000

1450,00 RON
The HDJ-2000s ensure superb clarity with clear separation and maximum comfort, whichever environment you find yourself in - whether it′s performing in a packed club or engineering in a studio. In fact, the HDJ-2000s′ 50 mm driver units and high-flux magnets create outstanding resolution,

Casti Pioneer SE-A611TV

99,00 RON
Enjoy your TV-shows and movies at a sound level that's convenient for you without disturbing others with these SE-A611TV Headphones. They provide balanced, clear stereo sound. Weighing just 78 grams, the SE-A611TV is so lightweight and comfortable that you'll forget you're wearing them.

Casti Pioneer SE-MJ502T

99,00 RON
Enjoy great audio quality while looking good with these fully enclosed headphones. Large, soft earpads and a slim-type headband ensure a comfortable and light fit. These on-ear headphones fold into a compact configuration for easy storage and carrying. Microphone for answering

Casti Pioneer SE-MX7

799,00 RON
Are you a true clubber and music enthusiast at heart? Indulge yourself with our newest Superior Club Sound headphones, designed to get you moving. Become electrified by dynamic beats and sound precision. The SE-MX7 deploys no less than four drivers − two 40 mm drivers for midrange
  • -10%

Casti Pioneer SE-MX9

999,00 RON 899,00 RON
Do you come alive at night? And is clubbing and dancing your thing? Meet our Superior Club Sound headphones. They will take you straight to Ibiza. That you may revel in the authentic club experience at any time of day, in any place you desire. Thanks to their cleverly designed headband

Casti Pioneer SE-MJ151-H

139,00 RON
The stylish SE-MJ151 over-ear headphones are equipped with soft-fit ear pads made from thick urethane and boast a deluxe leather-look. The retro-style design houses large 40 mm drivers that can handle a wide frequency response of 10 Hz to 25 Hz and deliver well-balanced, powerful