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Cablu Pro Audio Analysis Plus Clear Oval Cable cu Conector Mono

173,94 RON
This 14 AWG clear oval speaker cable uses our patent hollow oval geometry so none of the high frequency nuances are lost. Built of oxygen free copper, with a computer matched dielectric to provide proper impedance, this cable offers exceptional performance at a very affordable price.Pretul

Cablu Pro Audio Analysis Plus Clear Oval pentru Chitara

267,60 RON
This 1.5 ft. clear oval guitar amp jumper cable is available with straight or 90 degree 1/4 inch mono plugs to butt connectors.

Cabluri Pro Audio

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Se pot executa la comanda Cabluri pentru Instrumente Muzicale, Microfoane, Cabluri de Boxe, Cabluri Alimentare Purple Plus Instrument cable with a 1/4″ stereo plug at the guitar end going to two 1/4″ mono plugs. The cable is also covered with a purple mesh. This cable is for a custom