Accesoriu Casti fo.Q Phone Art

67,35 RON
PHONE ART is a material specially designed to improve the sound quality of earphones, headphones and portable audio players to which our fo.Q products for sound quality adjustment has been applied. PHONE ART is provided in the form of seals with various cutout shapes, making them easy

Stand Casti OPPO

499,00 RON
Stand pentru Casti marca OPPO, pretabil castilor OPPO PM-1 si PM-2 cat si altor casti on/over earThe Oppo Headphone Stand is a beautifully designed and crafted headdphone stand, ideal for use with the Oppo PM-1 headphones, but also suitable for use with a wide range of full-sized headp

Stand Casti Fiio HS1 Headphones Stand

99,00 RON
made from genuine Timber perfect at your home your headphone always at reach protect and cover if stored away for longer periods of time