Suport Cablu AVsound V-Block

  • Suport Cablu AVsound V-Block
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Suport din stejar sau fag lacuit mat,
pentru cabluri.
Dimensiuni: 96 x 64 x 40mm.

Set de 8 bucati

Specificatii Suport Cablu AVsound V-Block

Specificatii All audio components create vibrational energy of one type or another. Obviously, components with integral moving parts like cd players, turntables, and tape decks are easy to point out as culprits. Just as obvious are loudspeakers - the same speaker drivers that bring us sound we can hear are also generating vibrational energy which is traveling through the cabinet, making its way to the floor, and which affects that same sound.

Any component with a transformer is going to produce some vibrational energy as a by-product of the very function of a transformer. This means that all amplifiers and preamplifiers will also be culprits that need to be tamed as well as most outboard DACs.

Basically everything in audio vibrates starting with the signal moving down a wire!

Vibrational energy affects sound quality by smearing the sound. Handling this excess energy effectively has a very linear relationship with the sound quality of the component - the better the vibration is handled, the better the sound from the system will be.

Over the years, many different methods of handling vibrational energy from audio components have been used. We tend to break down the ways to deal with vibrational energy into 3 main categories:
- absorption/damping
- coupling/ draining
- dissipation

The least expensive and most common way to deal with vibrational energy is to try and absorb it thru the use of soft, squishy devices/products - tennis balls, Sorbothane etc. The theory in place here is to try and change energy into heat. All of these devices work somewhat, but they work in a broad brush sort of way where negative side effects related to the damping material itself can offset the benefits of an overall lower level of vibration.

Many hobbyists have a drawer full of cones, spikes, footers, and even blocks of one material or another that have been designed to either couple the component to a platform, which is then isolated from or coupled to the rest of the rack, which is then \drained\ into the floor. The most common practice of using spikes under floorstanding speakers or speaker stands is a prime example. These devices can be somewhat effective and, for the most part, cost effective - unless you get into some very exotic materials.

In this newsletter, we are going to be giving you information about some very effective products in the last category - vibrational dissipation.

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