Subwoofer SVS PB12-Plus

  • Subwoofer SVS PB12-Plus
  • Subwoofer SVS PB12-Plus
  • Subwoofer SVS PB12-Plus
  • Subwoofer SVS PB12-Plus
  • Subwoofer SVS PB12-Plus
  • Subwoofer SVS PB12-Plus
7999,00 RON / Bucata

De la: 1333.17 lei / luna
Livrarea este gratuita in Bucuresti prin curier AVMall (daca comanda depaseste 299 ron), timpul de livrare este de 24-48 de ore, in cazul in care s-a facut confirmarea livrarii de catre AVmall.
Livrarea este gratuita pentru provincie prin Fan Curier (daca comanda depaseste 500 ron) timpul de livrare este de 24-48 de ore, in cazul in care s-a facut confirmarea livrarii de catre AVmall.

PB12-Plus: The subtleties of jazz, to the chest-crushing bazooka blasts of Hollywood blockbusters. All at a mid-level price.

With 2300 watts peak power and a weight of 127 pounds, this subwoofer is a tank. Many pricey subwoofers don′t stand a chance against its power and precision. This weapon is the embodiment of research and engineering. For action, sci-fi, and scary movies it delivers earth-shaking payloads of bass with precision. Its clean, tight, accurate lows rival professional cinemas. In fact, there are times you may not even hear it at work, but you′ll feel it. On the edge of sub-sonic levels it stirs your senses so well it can give you goosebumps. That said, this isn′t a no-finesse brute. The PB12-Plus delivers music with style. From cello and upright bass, to sax and electric bass, soft passages and subtle scores are deftly rendered with nuance and dimension. The PB12-Plus is definitely armed and ready for duty in your home.

Sledge Amplification − Intelligent and Sophisticated Power
True to the SVS philosophy, the PB12-Plus has been rigorously engineered and designed; meticulous attention is given to how each part will enhance the listening experience. The Sledge STA-800D is no exception. With digital bass management, room gain compensation, and flexible set up it is fully armed to integrate with your equipment and room characteristics. Its effortless 2300 watts peak power, and 800 watts continuous power, are the foundation of both the PB12-Plus punch, and musical subtlety.

Plus-12 Driver - Rugged and Refined
Now in its 5th generation of refinement, the exclusive SVS Plus-12 woofer delivers audiophile-grade sound that is unmatched at this price point. In fact, this driver is so overbuilt, our R&D engineers had to push it with over 2000 watts before it even broke a sweat. From this firm foundation of rugged reliability, the Plus-12 driver delivers exceptional linearity, low-distortion, and excellent detail.

Click on any photo to see a full, detailed image:

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)-optimized motor with copper shorting sleeve to reduce gap induction and distortion.
  • Bifilar wound, 3 diameter, high-power aluminum voice coil.
  • Dual linear-roll spiders and stitched parabolic surround for extreme excursion capability.
  • Ultra-light and rigid composite cone provides excellent transient response.

Premium Finishes, Handsome Styling, Versatile Placement Options, Easy Room Integration
Finished in premium black oak, or piano gloss black, with complementary curved metal grille, the PB12-Plus has the styling to match its remarkable performance. A manageable footprint of under 25.5” on all sides, yet weighing over 125 pounds, the PB12-Plus stands solidly where placed and delivers astounding low-end output.
  • Premium real black oak veneer or piano gloss black
  • Protective curved metal grille
  • Dimensions: 21.5 (H) x 19.75 (W) x 25.2 (D)
  • Weight: 127 Pounds

SVS: The sound you love, at the price you deserve.
Whichever SVS product you choose, you will be confident knowing you are getting the finest audio for the money. Buy now and we′ll ship it to you free. Plus, you′ll have 45 days to audition your SVS purchase at home—with your gear, your settings in your environment. If it′s not to your liking, we′ll pay to ship it back. No hassle. No questions asked.

Frequency Response/Acoustic Data:

**Frequency response graph does not denote maximum output capability.
  • 2-meter ground plane away from reflective structures (quasi-anechoic)
  • 18-250 Hz +/- 3 dB (20 Hz mode)
  • 16-250 Hz +/- 3 dB (16 Hz mode)
  • 23-250 Hz +/- 3 dB (sealed mode)

Documents: Subwoofer Specs:
  • Cabinet Dimensions: 21.5 (H) x 19.8 (W) x 25.2(D)
  • Overall Dimensions: 22 (H) x 19.8 (W) x 28.3(D) (includes feet, grille, amplifier)
  • Carton Dimensions: 28 (H) x 25 (W) x 35 (D)
  • Shipped Dimensions (palletized): 33 (H) x 26 (W) x 40 (D)
  • Weight (unboxed): 127 pounds
  • Weight (boxed): 157 pounds
  • Shipped Weight (palletized): 168 pounds
  • Rigid and braced Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) cabinet
  • Black gloss or full veneer black oak finish
  • Front-firing driver
  • Front-firing triple 3 high-flow flared ports
  • Dense foam port blockers (3) included
  • Variable 20 Hz, 16 Hz and Sealed tuning modes
  • Protective non-resonant steel mesh grille
  • Power cord length: 8 feet
Driver Specs:
  • SVS 12” high performance Plus driver
  • Bifilar wound, 3” diameter, high-power aluminum voice coil
  • Polyimide impregnated fiberglass former/bobbin
  • Single, composite layered, linear roll long-throw spider
  • Integrated tinsel leads
  • Nickel-plated high-tension spring terminals
  • Proprietary injection molded gasket and parabolic SBR surround
  • Composite pulp/fiberglass press layered cone with stitched surround
  • Low carbon 1008 steel components, electrophoresis black plating
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)-optimized motor structure
  • Copper shorting sleeve reduces gap induction and distortion, and enhances thermal conductivity
  • Dual Genox 8H/Y-35 high grade ferrite magnets
  • Oversized pole vent for greater cooling and low noise
Amp Specs:
  • STA-800D Sledge with 800 watts RMS continuous power (2300 watts peak dynamic power)
  • High efficiency cool-running Class D switching topology
  • Detachable power cord with main power switch and ceramic fuse
  • RoHS compliant, lead-free construction and world-wide safety certifications
  • Auto-On / On switch with green standby mode
  • Stereo line-level RCA and balanced (XLR) input/output connections
  • Normal and Hi input voltage switch
  • Customized EQ and DSP limiter settings specifically for the PB12-Plus
  • Variable tuning with 20Hz, 16Hz, and Sealed settings to match subwoofer port settings
  • Fully adjustable (frequency and slope) phase-correct speaker/sub digital crossover
  • Intelligent Feature Control (IFC) with bright LCD display
  • Digital PEQ with adjustable frequency, cut/boost, and Q values
  • Room gain compensation control with adjustable frequency and slope
  • Input impedance - 24 kΩ (unbalanced RCA) / 22 kΩ (balanced XLR)

The PB12-Plus at least matches the performance of any subwoofer in this test, and its price is about 40% less than that of the next-least-expensive sub we tested. If you've got the space for this behemoth, it's probably the best deal going for a high-end subwoofer.
Sound & Vision Magazine, Review by Brent Butterworth, 9/1/2009. Read Review.
From its ungodly output capabilities, true 20Hz extension, and ability to play clean and distortion free, the PB12-Plus DSP has truly earned the right to be called a 'subwoofer'.
Audioholics, 2010 Product of the Year - Subwoofer Category, Review by Paul Apollonio, 1/1/2011. Read Review.
The SVS PB12-Plus is truly a chameleon among subwoofers. It can play loud; it can play soft and everywhere in between. It can play as well up high as it does down low, a quality many subs lack. Its multiple port tunings and parametric EQ mean it can work well in any room with any speaker system. Its build quality is on par with the most expensive products available and it looks great too. I'd have to say SVS has hit this one out of the park.
Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity, Review by Chris Eberle, 2/1/2009. Read Review.

Specificatii Subwoofer SVS PB12-Plus

Specificatii 800 Watt DSP Controlled, 12 Ported Subwoofer with Variable Tuning

From its ungodly output capabilities, true 20Hz extension, and ability to play clean and distortion free, the PB12-Plus DSP has truly earned the right to be called a 'subwoofer'.

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