SHAKTI Innovations Electromagnetic Stabilizer (The Stone)

  • SHAKTI Innovations Electromagnetic Stabilizer (The Stone)
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SHAKTI's ground zero technology increases the resolution of audio and video systems!

SHAKTI Noise Reduction Technology (NRT) absorbs and dissipates Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). Automotive Computers (ECUs) and audio/video components self generate a radiated EMI field that degrades signal transfer functions. The word SHAKTI means energy. Through an energy conversion, inductive coupling process, the antenna-like circuits within SHAKTI attract and then resistively convert EMI to non-interfering heat. This increases horsepower and speeds up 0 to 60 times in automotive engines and improves resolution in high definition audio/video systems. No electrical connection is required because all interactions take place through radiated field mutual coupling. One need only place SHAKTI units in near proximity to the CPU or audio component to obtain discernible performance improvements.

Validation of SHAKTI's benefits comes from a variety of objective tests in both the automotive and audio worlds. Evaluation, using Dyno Jet Research automotive dynamometers have measured increases of approximately three horsepower at the rear wheels of a variety of cars. The horsepower gain is a direct result of SHAKTI′s attenuation of EMI in the ECU. This allows the complex network to more accurately perform the analysis modern car computers are called on to do to optimize engine ignition timing and electronic fuel injection. In addition even more sophisticated tests have been run on the state of the art $100,000 Mustang Dyno. When one On-Line was placed on each of the 8 individual coils of a Chevy Tahoe, it showed a remarkable improvement of almost four tenths of a second in its 0 to 60 time. Changes of this magnitude usually cost several thousand dollars in engine modifications, not the $400 cost for 8 On-Lines. This parallels resolution improvements in analog and digital audio components when SHAKTI units are placed near power supplies, DAC chips, capacitors and system wiring. Traditional EMI tests were conducted at Compatible Labs in Agoura, California, which verified SHAKTI's absorption of radiated noise fields. The worldwide use of SHAKTI in consumer and professional applications such as Pink Floyd's Astoria Studio, is further testament to its benefits. Patent # 5,814,761

Shakti Stones on the tops of the Reimer Teton loudspeakers.

Stone on top of Assemblege D2D-1 upsampler and EAD T-1000 transport.

A Stone is used above and below the EVS Millenium II DAC
and on top of the Taddeo Digital Antidote Two.
Note two On-Lines on the AC plugs at the wall sockets.
A Stone is also used on the top of the Blue Circle BC3000 preamp.

An On-Line on the IEC connectors of the DAC's dual Sahuaro AC cords.

On-Lines on the IEC connector, the RCA of the interconnects,
and across the binding posts of the Clayton M100 amplifiers.
One Stone is also placed under each of the amps.

Something REALLY different from Michael Danis. This user is demanding psychological counseling compensation because he says he can't stop adding more units. At last count 73 Stones and 98 On-Lines. Every component in this system is radically modified with huge custom outboard power supplies, battery power to the front end, every cable soldered directly to components and, at one time, had a wall dividing the room in half so there was no cross talk between channels. The listening seat was where the wall ended. Components include Audio Research tube amps, custom loudspeakers, transport and DAC are totally custom products from Ric Schultz, and four Vibraplanes. Multiple SHAKTI Stones are above and below every component including the batteries and next to the speaker's tweeters as well as On-Lines on all cables and internal circuit parts.

The system

Stones on transformers and batteries

Another shot of the Stones on transformers and batteries, right channel

Stones on transformers and batteries for left channel

On-Lines around a tweeter

Stone on top of E.A.R. linestage

Stone on top of CD-R recorder/player

Stone on top of Equi-Tech power-line conditioner

Stone on top of DVD player

Quote: The Shakti Stones and on-lines made a huge difference in the PA-1, we could never do without them, each system we build must incorporate Shakti products. In the system shown we use over 30 stones and over 50 on-lines . The system became a lot more detailed, less grain, much blacker background, wider and deeper soundstage, a lot more dynamic, better micro dynamics, smoother and more fluid. All in All a fantastic product, Thanks Ben!

Jerry Ramsey
Eric Smith

Dynamic Sound Environment

On-Lines and Stones in the BAT CD player.

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