Preamplificator Auralic Taurus MK2

  • Preamplificator Auralic Taurus MK2
  • Preamplificator Auralic Taurus MK2
  • Preamplificator Auralic Taurus MK2
  • Preamplificator Auralic Taurus MK2
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TAURUS PRE is a fully balanced line stage pre-amplifier. It is the finest coalescence of art and passion by inheriting the design essence of analog recording equipments from the ‘golden age' and aesthetic taste of this new era. Together with MERAK , the power amplifier, TAURUS PRE would bring an ideal audio playback system, which is fantastic enough to please the most enthusiastic audiophile.

Based upon the design concept of Neve analog console, combined with modern aesthetic of music, AURALiC invent the OREFEO Class A output module and fit it into TAURUS PRE. Thanks to the brand new designed low noise input circuit and better power solution, TAURUS PRE achieves a remarkable residual noise performance at 3uV in minimum, this allows it to handle micro dynamics in the music by a perfect way with a liquid transparency.

To make it easier to enjoy the pleasure of music, TAURUS PRE is equipped with remote control and various I/O ports. Three sets single-ended and one set balanced input ports allow you switch back and forth between different music sources. While the single-ended and balanced output ports can deliver musical signals simultaneously, driving different back end. Furthermore, with high quality headphone ports, TAURUS PRE can shut the noisy world out and enable you to immerse yourself in the pure and magnificent world of music.


Inspired by Neve 8078 analog console's circuit design, AURALiC developed ORFEO Class-A module. The principle of this module is to use a mass of small signal components with best linear characteristic. By packing them though a thermal balance procedure and bias the transistors into Class-A , ORFEO achieves impressive performance with open loop distortion less than 0.001%. With such sophisticated design, ORFEO shares the same warm and natural sound with Neve 8078. The ORFEO module used in TAURUS PRE was tweaked with optimized bias current so it will be better fit for pre-amplifier use.

Low Noise Input Buffer

The low noise input buffer in TAURUS PRE is specifically designed by AURALiC to meet the requirement for pre- amplifier usage. It presents great linearity with a maximum undistorted input level as high as + 24dBu , making it almost impossible to overdrive and well suite for any source component. This buffer also owns an exclamatory low noise of less than 1uV while maintains high input impedance ( 100K of RCA and 200K of XLR ). With this circuit design, TAURUS PRE has a dynamic range over 130dB and possible to fit into any kind of source, even with high output impedance devices such as valve buffered CD, it can still easily capture every details and ensure the reality of music impression.

Advanced Purer-Power™ Solution

To satisfy TAURUS PRE's extremely low noise design, AURALiC introduce the advanced Purer-Power solution. The new solution utilizes our triple shielded main transformer customized by Plitron . Comparing to the usual shield transformer, triple shield transformer has much lower EMI; the noise level raised by a triple shield transformer is even below measurement's resolution. Purer-Power solution can strongly isolate common-mode and differential-mode interference from both within and outside audio band as high as 90dB while reshape the electrical circuit and remove DC current. It can also effectively prevent electrical circuit from being interfered by those current entering into system via power supply, by which means to ensure more stability of circuit and more purification of sound.

Specificatii Preamplificator Auralic Taurus MK2

Specificatii Frequency Response
3Hz - 300KHz, +/- 3dB
20Hz - 20KHz, +/- 0.1dB
<0.001%, 20Hz-20KHz
Dynamic Range
>130dB, 20Hz-20KHz, A-weighted
<-80dB @ 1KHz
10dB/16dB (XLR Input/RCA Input)
Intput Ports
3 x RCA: max. undistorted level 6Vrms
1 x XLR: max. undistorted level 12Vrms
Output Ports
1 x RCA pre-amplifier out
1 x XLR pre-amplifier out
2 x 6.35mm headphone out
Maximum Swing Voltage
12Vrms/24Vrms(RCA output/XLR output)
Power Dissipation
25W at max.
11''W x 9''D x 2.6''H (33cm x 23cm x 6.5cm)
9.6 pounds (4.4kg)

AURALiC Technology

AFN402™ Material

Through long-term research and test, we find out that audio signal could easily be disturbed by electromagnetic interference and get distorted. Such distortion could lead to the lacking in the sense of natural liveliness and smoothness of the music replay. The protection from traditional aluminous or ironic cabinet to audio signal is very limited. Therefore, in the times of CD as the main music player, the tiny details in music could not be represented fully as a result of the limitation of electricity properties from recording media and replay equipments. Along with the gradual widespread of Hi-Rez format music, the characteristics of replay equipment, the abilities of discovering and reproducing tiny details of music in particular, became the bottleneck of the whole system′s development. Also, external electromagnetic interference, for the 1st time, turned out to be the heart of the matter.

In order to satisfy the needs of Hi-Rez format music replay, AURALiC researched and developed a kind of cabinet material named AFN402, which is an alloy of iron with certain portion of nickel, silicon and other rare metals. AFN402 could not only isolate external electromagnetic interference effectively and efficiently, but also restrain resonance. The isolation ability within audio frequency and above audio frequencies from AFN402 turned out to be 3 times and 10 times of that of traditional cabinet respectively.

Alire™ Resonance Damper

As is well known, Resonance could affect the phase of audio signal tremendously and could cause the instability to soundstage. As a result, resonance has always been one of the key directions for research in audio system. The electric current in conductor could cut external magnetic field under resonance and thus produce the induced current with specified frequency in conductor, which will make audio signal get distorted to a certain serious degree no less than that from electromagnetic interference.

In order to restrain vibrations, AURALIC researched and developed a new kind of material, Alire Resonance Damper, which was made by arranging and pressing multiple raw materials of diverse resonance frequency from layer to layer. Through sticking Alire to the inner side of cabinet so as to make the 'sandwich' structure, resonance could be effectively restrained and its resonance frequency could be changed. All the chassis of AURALiC series products are covered by Alire, which could exempt the products from both electromagnetic interference and vibration interference and ensure provide purist signal to the initial stage of music replaying.

Purer-Power™ Solution

Power supply of audio equipment is one of the most key parts in influencing its electrical characteristics and sound representation. The aim of Purer-Power technology is to provide pure and stable power supply to audio-frequency circuit. It works as follows: the AC power from electrical network goes through AURALiC power purification module; then the purification module will strongly isolate common-mode and differential-mode interference from both within and outside audio frequencies frequency as high as 90dB; after that, the module will reshape the electrical circuit and remove DC current. To summarize, AURALiC power purification module could effectively prevent electrical circuit from being interfered by those current entering into system via power supply, by which means to ensure more stability of circuit and more purification of sound.

The purified electrical current enters into the primary transformer to get voltage changed. According to diverse situations and property needs, AURALiC has tailed-made the multiple standards of transformers series and set up the partnership with Plitron as its producer. With regards to those transformers designed for very specific needs, the workers are to adopt man-made method. Those transformers are made from the iron core of special specifications and unique wiring, which will definitely improve its effectiveness and lower its internal resistance as well as its vibration. Therefore, the transformer of such kind will work very quietly without impacting their surrounding electrical circuit.

DC supply circuit in purer-power technology has been designed on the simulate battery properties. It works like this: DC current goes into filtering circuits (which are made of a set of huge storage capacitors) and isolates efficiently the noise within and above the audio frequency; then the current goes into high speed, low noise, low impedance, multi-stage regulators; these regular circuits provide pure and stable current to audio frequency power supply. From the above description, we can see that DC supply circuit in Purer-Power provides lowest noise and highest stability. In the contrast, internal resistance of battery changes according to the residual amount of electricity and produce electrochemistry noise consequently. Therefore it is evident that DC supply circuit in purer-power technology owns better electrical characteristics.
Tip Echipament Solid State

AURALiC - Inspira muzica


Cu 183 de reprezentante oficiale prezente in 30 de tari, compania AURALiC LIMITED, fondata in anul 2009, si-a creat deja o reputatie la nivel mondial datorita manierei de proiectare a solutiilor inovatoare de streaming si a componentelor audio de inalta calitate. Caracteristicile de baza sunt abordare sintetizata a tehnologiei clasice analogice imbinata cu evolutia digitala de ultima ora, totul oferit intr-un pachet atractiv din punct de vedere estetic.

Produsele de software si hardware create de AURALiC inlesnesc accesul la muzica High-definition, compania fiind dedicata imaginarii, proiectarii si fabricarii echipamentelor audio care ar putea, intr-adevar, sa reproduca farmecul muzicii. Pentru aceasta, AURALiC isi propune misiunea de a cauta neincetat caile  ideale de proiectare a solutiilor audio, prin sintetizarea armonioasa a datelor stiintifice si a experientei personale a muzicii. Pentru a-si extinde aria cercetarilor, au creat modele matematice de testare care includ si perceptia auditiva subiectiva, nu doar metodele tehnice obiective.

AURALiC ofera clientilor sai, pe langa functionalitatea produselor, un nou mod de a se bucura de muzica, intr-un mod convenabil, prin multiple solutii tehnice originale.

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