Mixer Pioneer DJM-900SRT

  • Mixer Pioneer DJM-900SRT
  • Mixer Pioneer DJM-900SRT
  • Mixer Pioneer DJM-900SRT
  • Mixer Pioneer DJM-900SRT
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Livrarea este gratuita in Bucuresti prin curier AVMall (daca comanda depaseste 299 ron), timpul de livrare este de 24-48 de ore, in cazul in care s-a facut confirmarea livrarii de catre AVmall.
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High Performance Serato Mixer

With an inbuilt Serato sound card, the DJM-900SRT four-channel mixer allows native control of the hugely popular Serato DJ software.

The DJM-900SRT inherits all the high-performance features of the DJM-900nexus, such as six Sound Colour FX and 13 Beat FX with intuitive X-PAD control.

Serato sound card on board

Equipped with an internal Serato certified sound card, the DJM-900SRT connects to a PC/laptop via USB to access all Searto DJ's tracks and BPM information.

Studio-quality Sound Colour FX

The DJM-900SRT has six mind-bending Sound Colour FX comprising FILTER, CRUSH, NOISE, SPACE, DUB ECHO, GATE/COMP.

ProDJ Link via LAN

Enables a smooth link with CDJs to access Serato DJ Beatgrid information.

Channel-assignable BEAT FX

The mixer boasts 13 channel-assignable BEAT FX to mash up the music in sync with the BPM, such as DELAY, ECHO, SPIRAl, REVERB, FILTER, FLANGER, ROLL and REVERSE ROLL.

One finge manipulation

Use the X-PAD to simultaneously engage BEAT FX while adjusting the parameters, all with just one finger.

Powerful and Durable

Two metal shafts supporting the fader knobs and an exclusive magnetic cross fader construction guarantee durability.

Vinyl on every channel

Set up and DJ handovers are made easy thanks to PHONO inputs on every channel; so turntables can be connected to any channel and set up alongside CDJs for effortless switching between the two.

MIDI Controller

Fully assignable MIDI functionality can transmit most control information to external devices and can also be used as a MIDI controller.

Connect in the dark

while symmetrically and intuitively arranged rear-connections are perfectly aligned to the mixer channels to easily connect sources 'blind'.

Main Features

  • ProDJ Link • Now On Play warns that CDJ is playing
    • Beat Effects use rekordbox BPM and Beatgrid information to keep effects in time
    • rekordbox Cue Link acts like an additional audio channel to preview in your headphones

  • Beat Effects Delay
    Filter, Flanger
    Reverb, Reverse Roll, Robot, Roll
    Slip Roll, Spiral

  • MIDI/HID Control 61 fully assignable MIDI controls

  • No. of Channels 4

  • Sampling Rate / Depth 96 kHz / 24-bit

  • rekordbox™ Link

  • P-LOCK Fader Cap


  • Channel EQ 3 band

  • EQ Range Built-in switchable 3-band equaliser (+6dB to -26dB) and 3-band isolator (+6dB to -∞dB).

  • Fader Curve 3 Curves

  • Level Meter Type Individual

  • Level Meter Size 15 Segment


  • CD/LINE Input (RCA) 4

  • PHONO (RCA) Input 4

  • S/PDIF Digital Input (RCA) 4

  • Digital LAN Input (Pioneer Link) 1

  • MIC Input (1/4 inch Jack) 1

  • MIC Input (XLR/Jack Combo) 1

  • RETURN (1/4 inch Jack) 1


  • Master Output (XLR) 1

  • Master Output (RCA) 1

  • Booth Output (1/4 inch Jack) 1

  • Rec Out (RCA) 1

  • Digital Out (Coaxial) 1

  • S/PDIF Digital Out (RCA) 1

  • Send (1/4 inch Jack) 1

  • USB-B 1


  • Master Balance

  • Stereo/Mono Switch

  • Level Meter Size 15 Segment

  • Master Out Attenuator

Cross Fader

  • Cross Fader Type Carbon Rail with P-Lock Fader Cap

  • Fader Curve 3

  • Assignable

  • Field Replaceable


  • Auto BPM Counter

  • Effect Level & Depth Volume

  • MIDI Global Clock

  • rekordbox Quantize

  • Twin LFO

  • Sound Processor 32-bit

  • X-PAD


  • Mic Connection Neutrik Combo

  • Mic EQ 2 band

  • Mic EQ Range -12 ~ +12 dB

  • Talkover 3-Position Switch

  • Talkover Attenuator

Midi Info

  • Assignable Controls 61

  • MIDI Out (DIN) 1 (5P DIN)



  • Connection USB

  • Stereo Inputs 4

  • Stereo Outputs 4

  • Sample Rate 24-bit

  • Frequency 96/48/44.1kHz

  • Special Features • Input all 4 decks inside Serato DJ via 1 USB cable
    • Serato DJ Certified
    • Can output time code disk signal for DVS software


  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 331 x 108 x 409 mm

  • Weight 7.1 kg

  • Power Consumption 42 W

  • Auto Standby

  • SN Ratio: Line 105 dB

  • Sampling Rate 96 kHz

  • A/D Converter 32-bit

  • D/A Converter 32-bit

  • Frequency Response 20 - 20,000 Hz

  • Harmonic Distortion < 0.004%

  • Headroom 19 dB

  • Rack Mount , with adapter

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