Master Clock Generator Sforzato PMC-02 EX

  • Master Clock Generator Sforzato PMC-02 EX
  • Master Clock Generator Sforzato PMC-02 EX
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Phase noise performance that exceeds that of Rubidium clock generators

The PMC-02 EX utilizes an OCXO component that guarantees,
under the worst condition, phase noise of -100dBc/Hz @ 1Hz.

Generous power supply

The PMC-02 EX also makes use of a high capacity toroidal transformer
and discrete analog power source composed of a high-speed, low noise SiC Schottky diode.

The master clock is the life of digital Audio.

All digital audio devices operate using the clock as a standard when they convert digital signal to audio signal,
so the quality of the clock greatly affects the quality of the sound. It is the very pulse of digital audio.

Absolute precision is not the performance digital audio demands of the master clock.
The highest precision tuning meter (Strobe Scope)used by musical instrument makers has an accuracy on the order of 1/10 cent.
One cent is 1/100 of a half tone (the musical interval between neighboring white and black keys on a piano).
If you calculate the frequency, it is a precision of dozens of ppm.
That level of precision can be easily obtained by any standard clock generator.
The high fidelity generators used in normal high grade audio have 10 times that level of precision,
and there is no significant benefit in demanding any more precision than that.

The clock performance needed by digital audio is phase noise (the frequency components outside of the generating frequency
that shouldn't be present, in other words, impurities), which affects jitter. The clock, which governs all operations of digital audio,
should not be able to correctly restore audio, if it is contaminated by noise.
Usually clock signals are supplied through the PLL circuits to the D/A converter.
The PLL works as filter, so any noise with a frequency that is significantly different from the generating frequency
of the clock generator can be removed. In other words, the noise from frequencies other than the generating frequency is
determined by the performance of the circuits behind it.
However, noise with a frequency that is very close to the generating frequency (neighborhood phase noise)
cannot be removed by the filter, so when it is converted by the D/A, it becomes jitter. Just imagine,
you can easily separate a pebble from a gain of sand with a sifter, but you cannot use a sifter to separate one grain
of sand from another only slightly larger grain of sand.
To suppress neighborhood phase noise, you have no choice but to use a clock generator with little neighborhood phase noise.

SFORZATO's master clock generator provides a pure clock with miniscule phase noise,
dramatically improving all digital audio devices with 10MHz

Specificatii Master Clock Generator Sforzato PMC-02 EX

Specificatii Meaning stronger than the other notes, Sforzato is denoted by sfz in music notation.
It is not a simple accent; instead, it is used to mark notes which are to be played with one's entire heart and soul.
In September 2009, SFORZATO was founded with the goal of providing playback that brings out heart and soul of music.
We have been developing and marketing high-end audio network players that deliver the soul of music to you.

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