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The SCD-025 is based on our very successful CD player SCD-010, which was introduced in 2007, and remained unchanged until today. The SCD-010 has been overwhelmingly reviewed

World Wide, and made quite a buzz on the digital audio scene for it's almost analogue sound.

The SCD-010 was our first design in the digital domain - and still managed to raise the bar for what was achievable with digital reproduction in sound.

The references used during the development, was very well known top notch digital sources from multiple digital audio manufactures.

The SCD-025 is raising the bar once again:

Initially the main reason for making an upgrade to the SCD-010, what the markets request for USB interface. With the platform of the SCD-010, it was not possible to do a simple design upgrade.

Due to this, our team decided to start from scratch, and only reuse the drive, SRC module and DAC's. This basically means, that the power supply, analogue stages and everything else around this, has been completely redesigned.

The Reference:

While the references used for designing the SCD-010 was other digital audio sources - the SCD-025 was purely referenced to our SCD-010 and our primary analogue top notch turntable and using our own Masterpiece Phono stage as preamplifier. The desire was simply to make the SCD-025 a much more musical machine that anything else on the market.

The Design Platform:

As with most of our other products today, the SCD-025 is based on a modular design. This means that future standards in the digital domain, can be easily implemented without having to change the full unit - as it can be done with the simple change of a module and /or software. At the same time, the analogue stages are also based on modules, which ensures easy upgradability as our development moves forward. From the end users point of view - this ensures that the SCD-025 is a lifetime investment.

As with the SCD-010, the SCD-025 is in reality, designed as a DAC with a drive, which gives the user the flexibility of adding other digital sources directly to the SCD-025, taking full advantage of the build in DAC and analogue section.

The technical differences between SCD-010 and SCD-025:

Master clock module is developed in-house, and gives a massive improvement in stability and jitter performance over the previously used.

Receiver and transceiver modules have been heavily updated and improved

Analogue stages are taken from the SL-102 preamplifier which give a performance increase beyond what we expected.

Power suppliers are more powerful and offers a larger level of regulating steps, offering much lower noise floor

USB module added - currently this module does not offer DSD support, but this will be added in 3Q14 - and is drop in compatible with all units shipped to date.

Specificatii CD Player Vitus Audio Signature CD Player SCD-025

Specificatii Model: SCD-025
Product Type:
Balanced CD Player (Redbook) Inputs:
1 x unbalanced (RCA)
1 x balanced (XLR)
1 x unbalanced (RCA)
1 x balanced (XLR)

Master Clock / DAC:
Anagram Q5 and ADI1955 DAC Drive:
Philips CDPro2LF
(heavily modified by VA)

Sample rate / Resolution:
384KHz / 24 bit

130 x 435 x 430 mm
(H x W x D) Remote Controlled:
YES (The standard Philips alu
remote is included)
Total Weight:
26 Kg
See web site for full specs/ additional images.
Tip player CD/SACD Player

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