Cablu Pro Audio Instrument Muzical Analysis Plus Micro Golden Oval Guitar

  • Cablu Pro Audio Instrument Muzical Analysis Plus Micro Golden Oval Guitar
  • Cablu Pro Audio Instrument Muzical Analysis Plus Micro Golden Oval Guitar
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Livrarea este gratuita in Bucuresti prin curier AVMall (daca comanda depaseste 299 ron), timpul de livrare este de 24-48 de ore, in cazul in care s-a facut confirmarea livrarii de catre AVmall.
Livrarea este gratuita pentru provincie prin Fan Curier (daca comanda depaseste 500 ron) timpul de livrare este de 24-48 de ore, in cazul in care s-a facut confirmarea livrarii de catre AVmall.

Acest produs se aduce doar la comanda !

Produs destinat semnalului audio pentru chitara si alte instrumente muzicale !
Acest produs are 10ft sau 3 metri lunigme, pentru fiecare feet aditional se plateste 599 euro

Our patented oval design partners with pure gold over Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) to create a LITZ wire absolutely without equal. This 100% shielded coverage incorporates a meticulous designed conductive sheath eliminates microphonic movement noise. Proprietary FEP dielectric provides the optimal impedance and it is made in the USA. This heirloom quality cable that dares you to compare it to any other cable on the market.


Larry Wysocki − Wysocki Custom Guitars − February 2014

I have had the Analysis Plus Golden Oval Guitar/Instrument cable for about a week and a half to two weeks and I have been putting it through its paces. It is an amazing cable; this is a cable that superior sound quality is like no other I have heard/encountered. I have been an instrument builder for 30 years and at 65 years of age have been playing guitar for over 50 years, this is the best cable I have heard in all those years of building and playing. I first used the cable with some of the guitars which I build. My electric guitars are built to achieve great clarity, balance, chime, subtleties, and nuances. It is all about the refinement of good tone and your Golden Oval captures those same qualities and compliments my instruments in a very special way.

I tried some of my instruments with the Golden Oval through various amplifiers. The first thing I noticed about the cable was how efficient it was. The next thing was its great clarity. It is a very revealing cable; you can definitely hear what you are playing. I switched between various cables, including my favorite Yellow Oval, and the Golden had the greatest clarity of all the cables, I still feel the Yellow Oval is one of the best, but the Golden is in a league of its own.

After a week of using the Golden with electric guitars/amps I tried it with my benchmark steel string acoustic guitar, hand built, pawn shop special that I picked up about six years ago. It is my reference guitar I use to judge other steels string acoustics. It has an inexpensive sound-hole pickup. I plugged into an electric guitar amp, which is not the best match for an acoustic, used some other cables and then the Golden. I was absolutely amazed how great the guitar sounded. It was like someone took the rag out of the guitar, the blanket off the amp; it was though I was playing through a very expensive high end audiophile amp. The clarity, sound quality was amazing. Since then I and others have played it through other acoustic pickup equipped guitars and amps and the sound quality the Golden delivered was phenomenal.

The cable is expensive at $6,000.00. Is it worth it? Is a Dammann or an Elliott Classical guitar worth $40,000.00? There are many pro Classical players playing on guitars well over $35,000.00. To them the guitars are worth every penny for the quality of tone they deliver. To me the Golden Oval is worth every penny for the quality of tone it delivers. I have never encountered a cable of this quality until now; this has now become my reference cable to judge other cables. Thank you for building/making such an outstanding cable. I know I have now found the Golden Grail of instrument cables.

Specificatii Cablu Pro Audio Instrument Muzical Analysis Plus Micro Golden Oval Guitar

Specificatii Analysis Plus, Inc. (API) was incorporated in 1993, to provide electrical engineering consulting service to worldwide industrial companies and research institutes.

API is specialized in using computer aided engineering software to help its clients to optimize design, to reduce development cost, and to shorten the time-to-market of new products.

All API engineers have advanced science and engineering degree and at least ten years of experience in their individual fields.

Over the years, API has provided consultancy to many companies and institutes of all sizes, large or small. Majority of them repetitively use API services. The high return rate speaks for the quality and value that API's service provide.

Based on research and development, API also developed award winning cable product for home entertainment industry.

API used electromagnetic FEA software to help an automotive supplier to successfully design an electronic control module to meet SAE and OEM EMC/EMI specification without conducting any EMC/EMI test. Prototyping and testing cost savings were in the millions, let alone the time savings.

API used electromagnetic FEA software to help a medical device manufacturer to design an electric motor too small to prototype. The design parameters were completely determined by analysis results. First prototype passed all the specification. Cost savings were in the millions.

API used electromagnetic FEA and mixed signal system simulation software to help an automotive supplier to analyze an ABS wheel speed sensor assembly failure modes and conditions, and recommended effective circuit and packaging design changes. The re-designed assembly has not experienced any failure yet. The potential part recall cost savings were in the ten million range.

API used electromagnetic FEA software to help an automotive supplier to design a slip electric motor. API also designed and prototyped the electronic slip ratio control unit for the motor. The supplier has obtained several patents for the system and it is in production.

API used mixed signal system simulation software to help an automotive supplier to determine a door lock mechanism failure cause. The consequential fatigue test confirmed the analysis results. The supplier was able to produce the mechanism successfully without any future failure.

API designed a data acquisition system to measure a MRI machine room electromagnetic fields. API then used electromagnetic FEA software to design magnetic shielding for the room. The company responsible for the room construction was able to save tens of thousands dollars in construction material cost alone.

API developed Saber models of a turbo charged diesel engine control mechanism for an automotive supplier. The models are used for OEM DFSS effort. The mechanism has hydraulic, electromagnetic, and electronic components. The models can comprehend thermal environmental, manufacturing part tolerance, and aging effects.

API designed, developed and prototyped an assembly line tester for an automotive electronics supplier to test its in-vehicle entertainment devices. API designed the control and test logic in MATLAB/Simulink and auto-coded. Along with RTOS and device drivers, the code was compiled and flashed into the tester. API also developed PC HMI for the tester. The tester has been used on assembly line ever since.

API produced different level fidelity Saber models of a PFC-capable AC-DC power supply device for an aerospace supplier. The models are used for system simulation to verify power system control stability, EMC/EMI performance, and power system sizing.

API developed an HIL simulation system for an automotive supplier to test heavy-duty truck brake system control module. A typical such system would costs close to a million dollars. This system only costs $65K, besides consulting fees.


Automotive ECU design (electronic and mechanical)
Electromagnetic sensor design (circuit, algorithm, layout, and packaging)
Electric motor design
Electromagnetic actuator design (solenoid, relay, servo-valve, and etc.)
Mixed signal circuit design (analog, digital, and optical)
Magnetic shielding design
PCB design
Data acquisition system design and integration (hardware and software)
HIL (hardware-in-the-loop) testing system design and integration (hardware and software)
Control system design (hardware and software)
Digital signal processing algorithm development


Saber device modeling
Simulink algorithm modeling
Use electromagnetic field FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to solve EMC/EMI (electromagnetic compatibility and electromagnetic interference) problems; to design motor, solenoid, and electromagnetic sensors.
Use mixed-signal system simulation technology to analyze and design complex mechatronics devices and hybrid systems.
Utilize FEA and mixed-signal system simulation to assist in using ECAD (Electronics Computer Aided Design) and MCAD (Mechanical Computer Aided Design) for electronic control module design.
Control algorithm auto code generation
System simulation based control system calibration

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