Cablu de Boxe Supra Ply 3.4/S

  • Cablu de Boxe Supra Ply 3.4/S
48,00 RON / Metru Liniar
De la: 8 lei / luna
Livrarea este gratuita in Bucuresti prin curier AVMall (daca comanda depaseste 299 ron), timpul de livrare este de 24-48 de ore, in cazul in care s-a facut confirmarea livrarii de catre AVmall.
Livrarea este gratuita pentru provincie prin Fan Curier (daca comanda depaseste 500 ron) timpul de livrare este de 24-48 de ore, in cazul in care s-a facut confirmarea livrarii de catre AVmall.

Mechanical Specifications

Cross. Area:

3.4 / 12 mm2/AWG

No. Conductors:

2 + Drain Wire

No. Wires:


Wire Diameter:

0.15 mm

Wire Material:

Tin Plated OFC


Heat & ageing resitant PVC


Braid 120x0.15

Screen Coverage


Ext. Size:

7.3x7.3 mm


156 g/m

Electrical performance


5.1 Ohm/km


0.20 µH/m

Shielded Speaker Cables

SUPRA shielded cables radiate and pick-up less noise. The result is immediately lowered noise floor and increased dynamics of the Hi-Fi system. Especially the so called µ-dynamics, the small details, suddenly stand out from a pitch black background, a truly remarkable discovery for most music lovers.
The modern multimedia system is a potential hotbed for noise pick-up and signal degradation and without attention, the most prestigious Hi-Fi system will not even come close to its peak performance. It is as simple as that.

Secondly, we must consider how magnetic fields, alternating electrical fields, electromagnetic (radio-) waves, etc affect us. Whenever possible, we at SUPRA think it is worthwhile to consider lowest possible levels of fields and radiations surrounding us.SUPRA shielded cables radiate and pick-up less noise.

Demoing the Difference
Unlike some audio products, benefits of SUPRA PLY are readily shown by repeatable measurements. Fig.1 using a swept sine wave shows progressively increasing losses >1kHz for all cables, caused by L & skin effect, ranging to 10dB at 20kHz - ultrasonic sounds do matter [3] ! Ply′s low-loss behaviour for hf audio (incl. bass transients), is evident. Fig. 2 are time domain ′scope pics, showing typical dynamic/damping differences with a square wave. After transients, SUPRA′s Ply restrains the peaking & accelerates the signal′s return to 0 volts at the speaker end. Peaking in wide spaced cable shows limp damping & hf loss, because it has high L & low C, the opposite of what′s required to drive most speakers.

Fig.1 Losses for Ply

Fig.2 Wide-spaced cable losses

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