Boxe Swans M6

  • Boxe Swans M6
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Incinte acustice floorstand bass-reflex cu 4 difuzoare pe 3,5 c─âi.
Tweeter: ribon Swans RT1.3W;
Midrange: 2 dom textil Swans DMO;
Woofer: 2 x 6 con kevlar Swans L6P.
Caracteristici: Amplificator recomandat 20-200W, Impedan┼ú─â 4ohm, R─âspuns ├«n frecven┼ú─â 34-22000Hz (-3dB), Eficien┼ú─â 89dB/2,83V/1m, Dimensiuni 290x1085x402mm (l─â┼úime x ├«n─âl┼úime x ad├óncime), Finisaj cire┼č lemn masiv,
Greutate 34,5kg/buc.

The latest addition to the M series SWANS M6 was designed for the most discerning listener

This is a truly amazing loudspeaker

Surely the most critical enthusiast will revel in the ability of the SWANS M6 to present the recording with no additional artifacts but yet clearly reproduce all the subtle details within. This is by all means not an easy feat to accomplish. As expected, the finest workmanship and finish compliment this extraordinary transducer.

The midrange and high frequency pairing of the newly created RT1.3W ribbon tweeter along with a re-engineered DMO soft dome doped mid-range driver is the same as used in the state-of-the-art SWANS F2.4B speaker! Thus, insured is a reproduction with extremely wide dispersion characteristics and a close to perfect detail presentation and timing. The drivers match so well, it is as if they were one. Hear for yourself and you'll surely agree.

Especially fans of acoustical instrumental recordings will appreciate the seamlessness offered here.

Know How:

SWANS ribbon tweeter units are precision instruments!

Those familiar with our speakers might well ask what needed improvement to our previous tweeter, the RT1?

Our new RT1.3W has significantly more foil area, a much more powerful magnet and improved magnet flux geometry, plus an even more valuable foil membrane. The result is an even higher output and improved dynamic response with lowered distortion factor. Even the dispersion characteristics got wider. To put things in perspective, the RT1.3W compared to typical tweeters has 1/50 of the moving mass and so reaches well up into the ultra-high frequencies, reproducing transients in a genuine life-like manner.

As you can well imagine, the midrange driver is no less spectacular:

Also undergoing a re-engineering was the magnet flux geometry, the flat-wire wound speaker coil and the feather light dome with its inherently high damping factor. This led to lowered midrange driver harmonic distortion while keeping linearity almost flat in the critical 800 to 8,000 Hz frequency range.

Obviously SWANS research and development team needed to match the bass reproduction with complimentary chassis. What evolved was the L6 driver. It is a long-throw design which operates under short-throw constrictions to roll-off with practically no notch to the midrange response. It incorporates a very light but extremely stiff and highly neutral internal resonance membrane cone consisting in part of black Kevlar. The driver has a thoroughly vented voice coil and an air turbulence optimized cast aluminum frame. The result is a forceful bass with real gut power yet impressive short response time specification. That the crossover offers connections for bi-wiring and that its printed circuit board is of fiberglass and the components thereon are mainly highest quality foil capacitors and wound chokes is as expected in this market segment.

The cabinet is a sandwich construction of solid wood and CNC-formed MDF front baffle with comprehensive inner bracing. The design contours are optimized for beneficial acoustical properties and timeless handsome aesthetics.

The loudspeakers in SWANS new M-series are not short-lived fashion products but transducers of the finest and highest order and no doubt will forever remain with their lucky owners and their decedents.

SWANS M6 technology, specifications and cabinet

  • 3.5-Way, 4th order bass reflex system
  • Frequency response: 34Hz-22kHz +/-3dB
  • Efficiency ( 2.83V/m ): 89dB
  • Nominal impedance: 4 Ohm
  • Crossover frequencies: 650/1000/5000 Hz
  • Tweeter: Swans RT1.3W isodynamic ribbon
  • Midrange: Swans DMO doped 50mm soft dome
  • Bass/Midbass: 2x Swans L6 6,5 Black-Kevlar-Sandwich HQ-Woofer
  • Recommended amplifier power: 20-200W
  • Dimensions: 1085x290x402mm (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 34.5 Kg/pc.
  • Cabinet: solid wood with CNC-machined MDF baffle

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