Boxe ATC SCM 40A

  • Boxe ATC SCM 40A
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ATC SCM 40A Features:

  • New ATC designed and built dual suspension no ferrofluid 25mm soft dome tweeter
  • ATC 180mm bass driver
  • ATC 75mm soft dome midrange
  • Short-coil/ long gap voice coil for tweeter, midrange and bass drivers
  • All drive units incorporate massive optimised motor assemblies
  • On-board grounded source 242 watt Class A/B Tri-amplifier
  • Active filters and overload protection
  • 6 year warranty

ATC SCM 40 Active

  • The SCM40A has three power amps (and an active crossover) in each enclosure. There′s a 150W module for the bass driver, 60W driving the midrange and a 25W amplifier for the tweeter. It all comes wrapped in a solidly made, curved cabinet, finished in cherry or black ash.
  • The way they reproduce dynamics is excellent. They have the reach to convince with the large-scale dynamic swings of Swan Lake, punching out crescendos with enthusiasm. There′s an impressive dose of muscle here, and the kind of low-end authority only really capable big speakers truly manage.
  • Every subtlety is sharply defined with the speakers keeping organised and controlled, yet fluid, even when the music becomes complex. Most hi-fi − even true high-end kit − has problems making sense of Radiohead′s 15 Step. Not these ATCs. They take all in their stride, revealing a lovely cohesion throughout the frequency range. Resolution, timing and dynamics are all spot-on.
  • Terrific detail resolution; exceptional dynamics and control; composure; integration


  • A reminder that so many reflex ported designs are't doing bass right.
  • The way it integrates its superb low frequencies with the midband is a joy; in this region it′s more searching than many, but is never harsh unless the source and/or song is too. It sounds like a veil has been lifted from in front of the music and it gives an explicit insight into the proceedings.
  • Everything snaps into focus and arrives at the right place and time
  • Treble is airy, spacious and well etched. The looped hi-hats on Beatmasters Who's In The House? are crispy and scratchy, which is just how they should be
  • There's no gilding of the lily with the SCM40, everything is handed to you in am accurate and unalloyed way.
  • Given a serious source and recording, the new ATC SCM40 is superb − I know of no price rivals that give this level of accuracy, speed and insight. It strings the rhythmic elements of the mix together brilliantly, punching out subtle dynamic in a marvellously satisfying and visceral way.
  • It′s capable of a level of transparency you normally only expect from loudspeakers at three or four times its price.
  • Superlative clarity; excellent phase coherence; sublime bass


  • The main feature of the sound would probably be the raw speed of attack. Transients have curves so steep you wonder if ATC has found a way of achieving infinite bandwidth.
  • It′s a realism, an honesty that tells you exactly what that session sounded like in the studio, but done with style. There′s a wholesomeness to the sound, I hate that word, but can′t find a better one. The sound is perfectly revealed, but never brash.
  • The bottom line.. I′m sold. I can′t live without them. I need them in my life and will have to make the change. Putting my Living Voice OBX R2′s back in was pleasing and frustrating in equal measure. Yes, they are a lovely listen, but the lack of comparative clarity and speed is something that I can′t live with. Many will disagree, in some systems the SCM40′s will sound too revealing. If the electronics are forward, they will sound forward and with this much detail that will be too much. Audition carefully, but please, do audition. In the right system, you would have to spend £10k to get anywhere close to this sound quality.


  • Quality of the mid band reproduction is probably among the strongest sides in SCM40s sound identity, and this should be probably attributed to the midrange driver being used. The loudspeaker proved extremely clear and detailed though at the same time it appears that there is a character somewhat tolerant to mediocre recordings.
  • Musical instruments were characterized by very good presence while voices, both solo and chorus, were detailed, perfectly focused and with very good description of both the feeling of motion and the transition between different groups in the sound stage.
  • It is clear that the SCM40 includes some of the key elements that have made ATC especially likeable to a specific audience: It is an accurate, neutral loudspeaker with some considerable potential for high SPL listening.
  • We are dealing with a product designed with the discerning listener in mind. A listener with a music collection both significant in size and variable in quality, who needs to take advantage of this collection by using an all around and user-friendly loudspeaker. For anyone who belongs to this profile, the SCM40 sets -in my opinion- a reference level.



  • Class C (Full-Range) Recommended Components 2013
  • The SCM 40s could play very loud without seeming to make excessive demands on any of the amplifiers I tried them with (Luxman L-505u, ATC SIA2, Leben CS600), so their 85dB sensitivity rating probably should not be a matter of concern.
  • I won't go on at length about the SCM 40's sound. The family resemblance to the SCM 11 was strong: it sounded like an excellent monitor speaker (which the SCM 11 is), except with more bass—and, for the price, unusually well-controlled, well-extended bass. I gather that some people hold to a stereotype that ATC speakers are for rock'n'rollers, by which I assume they mean large-scale dynamics, but also slammy bass and etched treble. Well, you can't prove that by me. Indeed, my sister-in-law listened to some Jane Monheit on the SCM 40s, then turned to me and said, These speakers just sound 'sweet.' I agree.
  • To sum up, the SCM 40 is an almost amazing value for the money. It's built in the UK by a company with as much heritage and credibility as you could ask for. As the top of ATC's entry-level line, it embodies the realestate advice about buying the cheapest house on the nicest street. Its sealed-box bass loading makes it (as far as I know) unique among relatively affordable floorstanding loudspeakers. So, if Stereophile's $$$ code (in Recommended Components), indicating exceptional value, could be given to a loudspeaker that costs more than $4000/pair (which I believe it can't be), I would plaster a $$$ right on the SCM 40's front panel.


  • And again we have to deal with the extraordinary freedom in creating high levels.This can not be described in simple words, this necessarily must be experienced. The ability to play very loud without a hint of distortion is a very interesting experience.
  • Fleshiness of sounds that get in the bass and lower midrange is simply amazing. Clean bass issuing from the sealed enclosure makes us think the reason why almost all manufacturers worship so much the vented columns. Stability offered by the bass foundation is simply not to be underestimated. Like this should play all the columns of ambitions.
  • The juiciness that acoustic instruments are receiving, the authenticity of the sound of piano, the vocal performances are gaining credibility as an authentic tone until one wants to go to concerts just to see if music can sound better. And most interesting is that all this is achieved without the feeling of warming the sound. Juiciness and midrange definition makes the sound very emotionally engaging without a hint or impression that it is luscious.
  • I am very glad that there are such columns as ATC. Good British school, which leads to believe that the search for the perfect sound makes sense.



  • Listen to The Rolling Stones' Monkey Man and you can add the words ‘dynamic', ‘detailed' and ‘subtle' too. The ATCs have the incontestable authority to take the song by the scruff of the neck and bring it bounding to life.
  • The SCM40s enjoy crisp timing, an expansive, explicit soundstage, and fine stereo focus.
  • Low frequencies are deep, taut and responsive, the midrange occasionally torrential in the amount of detail and expression it delivers, and percussives at the top end shine benignly.
  • This winningly even and musical tonality is apparent whether playing small-scale, subtle recordings (when the ATCs sound like they've shrunk to the size of dextrous standmounters) or full-on orchestral blow-outs (when they sound big enough to fill a concert hall).
  • Thrilling musicality and authority; built like a bank-vault door.

Magazine 9/2012
ATC SCM 40: Good - very good (75 out of 100 points)

Price / Performance: good - very good

Solid, in design and technology timeless three-way floorstanding bass with closed housing and longtime studio proven midrange. Sophisticated and always unspectacular character with impressive dynamics and exemplary neutrality.

Magazine 6/2010
Place 1 out of 2
ATC SCM 40: Sound rating: 93 points

Plus: Tremendously transparent, neutral monitor with wide projected space

Magazine 7/2009
Place 1 out of 6
ATC SCM 40: excellent (5 out of 5 stars)

About as solid as you could hope for in construction, ATC's SCM40s deliver a commensurate assuredness and sublime musicality. Recordings that are on the shoddy side will have all their defects harshly illuminated though, but to hear exactly what your music holds, there are few other speaker options.

Tested with: Spendor A6 - Monopulse 42A - PMC FB1i - Roksan FR5 - Dynaudio Excite X36

Specificatii Boxe ATC SCM 40A

Specificatii Drivers: HF 25mm ATC Neodymium, Mid 75mm ATC Soft Dome, LF 180mm ATC SC
Matched Response: ±0.5dB
Frequency Response (-6dB): 48Hz-22kHz
Dispersion: ±80° Coherent Horizontal, ±10° Coherent Vertical
Max SPL: 112dB
Crossover Frequencies: 380Hz & 3.5kHz
Connectors: Male XLR
Input sensitivity : 1V
Filters : 4th Order critically damped with phase compensation.
Overload Protection : Active FET momentary gain reduction.
Fault Protection : DC fault protection and thermal trip. Fault indication on rear panel mounted LED.
Amplifier Output: 150W LF, 60W MF, 32W HF
Cabinet Dimensions (HxWxD): 980 x 265 x 344 mm
Weight: 36kg

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