Boxe Ascendo C8-C

  • Boxe Ascendo C8-C
  • Boxe Ascendo C8-C
  • Boxe Ascendo C8-C
  • Boxe Ascendo C8-C
  • Boxe Ascendo C8-C
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The C8-C combines the advantages of the single point source with the performance of large systems.

Result of this rare combination is excellent timing, constant timbre and sound quality at low and high volume levels combined with a spacious holographic imaging and extreme distortion-free low bass reproduction.

Unique to ASCENDO is loudspeakers is the combination of the switchable ribbon tweeter placed in the back of the loudspeaker with the single point source driver in the front and the 22cm woofer inside the C8-C.

This combination keeps the impulse response perfect and adds, if desired, the Dipole like characteristics of a large surface transducer yet allows the choice of having perfect Studio Monitor characteristics.

TOS ON - Dipole / Large Surface Transducers
TOS OFF - Hemisphere / Studio Monitor

With the special base, and 4 FE dampers each, the C8-C is well decoupled from the floor.
The combination of FE dampers and the base ensures even in difficult floor conditions, such as: Old floors or floating parquet floors, high signal fidelity of the C8-C.
The base also allows for a floor- saving placement without spikes.

Due to the low height and timeless clear design, the C8-C combines very well with different fixtures of a house.

Technical Features

Superior time coherence

  • SASB Technology:
    • Extreme low bass capability
    • Homogeneous semi-spherical dispersion
  • Switchable for directivity (TOS Unit):
    A: hemisphere. Point source with hemispherical directivity
    B:Dipole: 4-way dipole characteristic with TOS Unit
  • Extended frequency response
    • State-of-the-art chassis and filter parts
  • Superior isolation from floor with FE damper and C8-C base

Typical applications

  • Two channel stereo
  • Multi channel audio
  • Home Cinema



AV Max / June 2011 / India
Ascending To Excellence

When it comes to loudspeakers from Ascendo, the ease at which you can listen to each of them is the first thing that will strike you about the brand. The manufacturer from Germany has wholeheartedly adopted new principles and design technologies to construct some of the finest loudspeakers in the world. Audire Technologies (the Indian Distributor of Ascendo), arranged a listening session for us at their showroom. And believe us, it was quite a remarkable experience to hear them. The Ascendo C8-C has already won rave reviews worldwide; all this made us even more eager to get our hands on the speakers for a mind boggling first time experience. The C8s rendered the deep pounding drums with magnificent depth and control.The timbral quality of the speakers was simply brilliant; there was not any clutter in the sound field of the speaker. Moreover, when the speakers are completely run it, the amount of detail and accuracy they give out in the midrange section is exceptional. The co-planar mid-range and tweeter design work well together to deliver a seamless integration of the mid-high section. The highs never sound harsh to the ears; in fact, the music has a soothing effect on the listener even when heard at volumes that that are above normal listening levels.It produces solid, well rounded bass; the mid-range is warm, energetic and does not have any colouration. The music stays accurate and non-fatiguing even at higher volumes, which in turn leads to hours of pleasurable music without any ear ache.Its performance will take you to heights you could never have imagined before. The beautiful styling and high gloss finish are a treat that does not come easily at this price
AV Max / Juni 2011 / Indien
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Specificatii Boxe Ascendo C8-C

Specificatii ASCENDO C8-C Specifications

- Three-Way with SASB bass unit (TOS Off)
(current damped outer driver with semi symmetrical band pass)
- Four-Way with SASB bass unit (TOS On)

Dimensions (W/H/D) -28 / 95 / 40 cm

Weight 45 kg

Frequency Range 29 Hz (-3 dB) - 32.000 Hz

Power Rating 350 W Program (min)

Impedance 6 Ohm

Sensivity 88 dB / 1W/m

Outer Chassis (COAX)- 25 mm Neodymium-fabric-tweeter
- 18 cm Woofer with XP cone

Inner Chassis - 21 cm Chassis, Kevlar cone

TOS Chassis - Ribbon-tweeter

TOS Function - switchable (TOS Unit - Dipole AN / AUS)

Sockets - Rhodium terminals
- Single / BiWiring

Finish - piano lacquer black
- piano lacquer white
- Roswood (piano lacquer)

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