BassTrap Viscoustic Super Bass Extreme Premium

  • BassTrap Viscoustic Super Bass Extreme Premium
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Vicoustic este unul dintre cei mai titrati si renumiti producatori de produse folosite pentru izolatii fonice, tratamente acustice pentru sali de cinema, sali de teatru, sali de conferinte, sali de concerte, studiouri de inregistrare si auditie, spatii publice, case de cultura, gradinite, sali de sport, restaurante, cluburi, baruri, biserici, piscine acoperite cat si pentru camere de auditii personale.

Fabrica Vicoustic din Pacos de Ferreira, Portugalia este printre cele mai mari fabrici de profil din lume, fiind cea mai dinamica companie de profil avand produse industriale cat si civile. Vicoustic fabrica ca urmare a experientei de ani de zile in domeniu, produse de cea mai inalta calitate

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  • Optimized for corner mounting, Super Bass Extreme™s elegant fabric front is based on Vicoustic™s flagship Wave Wood panel, that in this Premium version is behind the fabric finish. This is combined with a membrane, two high-density foam layers and a micro-perforated rear panel, with 1mm holes, that acts as a Helmholtz resonator. Designed to provide effective low frequency absorption between 60-125 Hz, it delivers maximum effectiveness between 75 -100Hz.

  • The wooden front panel, covered by fabric in this new version, has two functions, providing sufficient mid-high frequency absorption to control corner reflections without deadening the sound, while simultaneously acting as a diffuser. This new Premium version is covered by fabric, available in eight different colors and allowing a neutral aspect that can be used in a greater variety of spaces by designers, looking for interior design compatibility.
    When porous materials such as foam are applied to corners or walls, they become less efficient in dealing with low frequencies, because the particle velocity or air movement associated with long wavelengths is low. However, the sound pressure is at its maximum. Super Bass Extreme™s internal membrane transforms this high pressure by converting the pressure fluctuations into air motion. The membrane sympathetically vibrates over a frequency range of 75-90 Hz, causing the air to pass through a layer of high-density foam that absorbs the low frequencies. Because of the high pressure it has also been possible to introduce a further technique for aiding absorption, with the micro-perforated panel at the back of the unit acting as a tuned Helmholtz resonator. Tests actually showed the perforations to give 20% more efficiency, compared to using a non-perforated panel.
    Super Bass Extreme is highly recommended for smaller rooms with low frequency issues. The panel can be used in different corner positions and its modular structure allows further units to be added as required.


    Listening Rooms, Home Theaters, Recording and Broadcast Studios, Post Production Studios, Office, Rehearsal Rooms, Conference and Teleconference Rooms, Public Spaces, Auditoriums, etc.

    Specificatii BassTrap Viscoustic Super Bass Extreme Premium

    Specificatii More than just a manufacturer

    Based in Paços de Ferreira, Portugal, Vicoustic has established itself as one of the most dynamic companies in the acoustic solutions industry. The research-based manufacturer offers a range of innovative products and services, representing the outcome of years of development, testing and optimization. Vicoustic's engineers work in strategic partnership with other industry sectors, including science institutes and universities, as well as gaining regular feedback from some of Europe's leading acoustic engineers.

    In addition to outstanding performance, Vicoustic products have a revolutionary design and a high level of fire retardancy, which makes them suitable for use in a variety of venues.

    Vicoustic's mission is simple: Improve the way you listen to your music in an affordable and accessible way. “Many people buy expensive speakers, and use them in very bad acoustic conditions” says César Carapinha, Vicoustic's CEO. “Now it's possible to improve the way you listen to your music, in an affordable and accessible way. Vicoustic offers products for all budgets and highly specialized staff to help you create your ideal listening room”.
    Investor Relations Department

    Investor Relations Department, aiming to the right, equal and transparent information, has undertaken the creation of efficient method of two way communication among the company and its shareholders, the equity analysts, and in general the investment community.

    Its target is to increase the shareholder's value through the systematic up date and its contribution to the better understanding of the company and its future development plans. In line of, Investor Relations Department is responsible for the communication strategy with the Portuguese and Foreign Institutional Community, the Press and the equity analysts. It organizes conference calls for the announcement and the presentation of quarterly results. Based in Paços de Ferreira, Portugal, the new logistic unit reflects sustained growth and will guarantee the conditions Vicoustic needs to shorten delivery time and venture into the industrial sector.

    The front entrance is inspired by Vicoustic's flag ship panel, which makes quite a statement!

    The complex also has two showrooms: one multipurpose and configurable room with magnetic walls; the other a fully equipped Hi-Fi room for sound testing.?Complete with an R&D center, including a unique laboratory which has a variable volumetric room for low frequency analysis that can be transformed into an anechoic and reverberant chamber, ideal for in-house testing and studies.

    Vicoustic - Solutii acustice inovatoare

    Povestea Vicoustic a inceput in Portugalia, in anul 2007, atunci cand César Carapinha, fondatorul companiei, si-a propus sa creeze produse de inalta calitate destinate izoltiei fonice, mai bune decat cele din oferta existenta la momentul respectiv pe piata. Pe scurt, compania si-a propus sa ofere cele mai bune solutii de tratament acustic, imbunatatind incaperile pentru un sunet impecabil si folosind materiale de ce a mai buna calitate, cu rezultate perfecte. Portofoliul de produse include o gama vasta de panouri de absorbtie si difuzie, materiale fonoizolante, capcane de bas etc, fiind destinate ca solutii acustice pentru orice tip de utilizare, atat industriala cat si personala.

    Inginerii Vicoustic lucreaza in parteneriate strategice cu alte sectoare ale industriei, inclusiv cu institute stiintifice si universitati, primind consultanta si din partea unora dintre cei mai reputati ingineri acusticieni din elita europeana. Astfel, acest producator orientat catre cercetare poate oferi produse si servicii inovatoare, rezultate in urma anilor de dezvoltare, testare si optimizare. Solutiile acustice inedite au fost concepute pentru a satisface cele mai extreme cerinte ale spectrului acustic, de la Hi-Fi si Home Cinema, la studiouri de inregistrari, sali de auditie sau spectacol, spatii de birouri, restaurante, institutii de invatamant si multe altele. Iar, pe langa performantele deosebite si designul revolutionar, produsele au un grad inalt de ignifugare, ceea ce le face potrivite pentru utilizarea in medii foarte variate.

    Produsele acestui brand sunt recunoscute in toate colturile lumii, printre clienti numarandu-se nume notabile precum: BBC, SIS, NATO, Ralph Lauren, Microsoft, SAE Institute, Facebook, Sony, Macklemore, ITV, Depeche Mode si multi altii.

    Vicoustic isi propune sa fie intr-o evolutie continua, depunand eforturi sustinute de a ramane in top prin crearea unor produse care sa nu aiba termen de comparatie.

    BassTrap Viscoustic Super Bass Extreme Premium
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