Amplificator Integrat Roksan Kandy K2

  • Amplificator Integrat Roksan Kandy K2
4275,00 RON / Bucata 3799,00 RON / Bucata
De la: 712.5 lei / luna
Livrarea este gratuita in Bucuresti prin curier AVMall (daca comanda depaseste 299 ron), timpul de livrare este de 24-48 de ore, in cazul in care s-a facut confirmarea livrarii de catre AVmall.
Livrarea este gratuita pentru provincie prin Fan Curier (daca comanda depaseste 500 ron) timpul de livrare este de 24-48 de ore, in cazul in care s-a facut confirmarea livrarii de catre AVmall.

Kandy K2 integrated is designed and refined to what would be expected of amplifiers classified as hi-end and costing twice its price. The new K2 sounds far more accurate, more delicate and even more powerful than its award winning predecessor the Kandy L.III. True dynamics and musical capabilities of the K2 enhance the enjoyment and provide insight to all types of music. The sound stage and musicians have the realistic ‘sound’ and ‘air’ about them that is achieved by the highest class amplifiers around.

Thanks to its superior design and use of highest quality components, the K2 sets a new standard for true hi-end entry level amplification. The new Kandy K2 integrated benefits from totally revised amplifier internals. The mains transformer and amplifier’s 3 AC/DC circuitry are now separated and moved to two sides away from the pre and amplifier main circuits thus dramatically reducing noise interference. After rectification circuitry, the power supply layout, distribution and tracking to different sections of the amplifier have been optimised and internal wiring minimised to ensure all sections work at their best.


  • New look chassis, front panel and display
  • New one piece Main amplifier PCB
  • New improved high quality signal input relays
  • Optimised volume control position on main amplifier PCB
  • New optimised one piece display PCB with headphone output socket
  • Symmetrical amplifier layout
  • Optimised power supply layout, distribution and decoupling
  • Improved decoupling and power regulation to all stages
  • Improved power supply and grounding for Preamplifier and phono section
  • New Op-amps, audio and power supply circuits and layouts
  • Directly powered power amp section from the main power supply
  • Optimised routing and no internal low level signal cables
  • New switch-able Bypass input
  • Improved wideband noise rejection
  • Redesigned chassis and cover with improved ventilation
  • New custom made, programmable learning system remote handset with back light

Specificatii Amplificator Integrat Roksan Kandy K2

Specificatii Inputs Line Level (x5), Moving Magnet (x1), Tape (x1), Bypass (x1)
Input Impedance 47 kOhms
Input Sensitivity (120W) Line 470mV
Outputs Speaker L & R (x1), Preamplifier (x1), Tape (x1), Headphone (x1)
Output Power >125 Watts, into 8 Ohms
both channels driven
>190 Watts, into 4 Ohms
both channels driven
Power Supply 500VA Ultra Low Noise Toroidal Transformer
4 Regulated Supply Rails
Damping Factor >110 (8 Ohms)
Frequency response (-3dB), <3Hz – >100kHz
Gain 37.3dB Overall (Pre & Power)
5.7dB Preamplifier
31.6dB Power Amplifier
Harmonic Distortion <0.005% 1kHz − 8 Ohms
Signal to Noise Ratio Line 100dBa (ref 470mV)
Power Source 100V – 120V 50Hz / 60Hz
220V – 240V 50Hz / 60Hz
Power Consumption Standby <25W, Full Power 2-CH 8Ohms< 330 W, 4Ohms<550W
Dimension 432 x 380 x 90 (W x D x H) mm
432 x 380 x 102 (including feet)
Weigth 14 Kg
Tip Echipament Solid State

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