Amplificator Integrat CEC AMP53

  • Amplificator Integrat CEC AMP53
  • Amplificator Integrat CEC AMP53
  • Amplificator Integrat CEC AMP53
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Integrated DIGM
DIGM (Digital Intelligent Gain Management) is the ultimate in volume control technology. DIGM adjusts volume digitally by switching metal-film resistors with a unique array of bipolar class-A switches. It digitally recalibrates the amplifier gain in 66 steps, without dividing and downgrading the input signal. The AMP53 maintains the input signal undiluted and offers an unprecedented 66 picture-perfect amplifier gains digitally calibrated for volume selection.

Balance adjustment without additional circuitry.
The AMP53's DIGM volume control enables digital adjustment of the left and right output balance, with no dilution to the input signal and no enlargement of the signal path, in 1dB increments up to +10dB.

Fully balanced power amplifier design
All circuitry in the AMP53 are fully balanced from head to toe from input signal entry to where the output meets the speaker terminal. This enables a radical reduction in noise and distortion, and an improvement in sound quality. The left and right signals, moreover, are processed through independent, dedicated circuitry to achieve channel separation and high-quality stereo imaging.

Two balanced and two unbalanced RCA input connections
The AMP53 was designed to give preference to two balanced XLR input connections, providing the best match for CEC's TL53Z CD player, DA53 DA converter and PH53 phono preamplifier from the same design series. System integrity is maintained for RCA connections by converting the unbalanced signal to a balanced signal at the point of entry to the amplifier.

Two-stage input sensitivity
For balancing the output volumes among different sources closer in line, the AMP53 offers a 6dB-gain option independently for each input connection. This minimizes the volume adjustments required when alternating sources between CD/DVD players and the 0dBU tuners/phonograph preamplifiers.

Eight 15A power transistors
The AMP53 is equipped with eight 15A power transistors to maintain high power even under complex loads, improving thermal reliability and ensuring safe operation of the amplifier at all times.

High 120W X 2(8Ω) power
The AMP53's power belies its modest size, by packing 90000μF capacitors as well as a 300W toroidal transformer combined with its LEF circuitry.

Heavyset extruded-aluminium enclosure
The AMP53's heavyset extruded-Aluminium enclosure and volume adjustment knob combine beauty, stability and high cooling efficiency. Air is vented in from the top-back, cooling a large heat sink located directly under the top cover, and discharged from the base-centre by a fan in the undercarriage.

Internal temperature control system
The AMP53 monitors its internal temperature with a sensor and automatically controls airflow within its cooling system, maintaining thermal conditions optimal, with help from its proprietary, virtually noise-free ferromagnetic bearing fan.

Two alphanumeric VF-Displays
Two VF-displays convey all functional information including volume, input selection and internal temperature.

Specificatii Amplificator Integrat CEC AMP53

Specificatii Audio unit
Output power

120W +120W(8Ω)
Frequency response

10Hz - 200kHz/ +0/-0.2dB/1W
S/N Ratio

XLR: 101dB
RCA: 91dB (flat/1W)

XLR: 0.0028% ,
RCA: 0.016% (1W/1kHz)
Dumping Factor

Input terminals

2 x balanced XLR input
2 x unbalanced RCA input
Input gain

0dB, +6dB
Output terminals

Speaker Output x 1
Power supply

AC100/120/230/240V 60/50Hz
External Dimensions

217.5(W)×448(D)×107(H)mm (incl. Leg and terminal)


AC power cable, Remote controller, Owner′s manual
Tip Echipament Solid State

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