Acoustic Revive - Quartz Resonator QR-8

  • Acoustic Revive - Quartz Resonator QR-8
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8 in a set
8 replacement adhesive sheet attached
Size: diameter10mm x 3mm Weight: 0.6g

Audio Excellence Award 2008 Top Prize for accessory category

High evaluation reviews!
QR-8 review by U.S magazine Affordable Audio
QR-8 review by 6moons
QR-8 review by 6moons

Principle & Structure

Quartz Resonator QR-8 is not magic or occult. Reason why the sound improves by using QR-8 is that because, by placing QR-8 onto an agenda which causes resonance, the resonance frequency of agenda changes and it stops any resonation. Agenda such as plug, connector, parts, equipment switch, equipment housing, and door in the room, windows, wall, floor and ceiling resonates by its particular resonance frequency and by placing QR-8 will change the frequency and stops the resonance. But placing QR-8 to an agenda which does not resonate, adversely QR-8 may cause it to resonate or to over dump. So you have to be careful where you place the QR-8. You can check if QR-8 is causing the agenda to resonate or over dumping by listening to the sound.

At first, place the QR-8 lightly onto the agenda which seems to resonate. If the sound improves, it means that QR-8 has stop resonation. If the sound improves, place the QR-8 firmly for a rigid placement. In other wise if the sound deteriorates, take off the QR-8 and try it onto other agenda. The QR-8`s adhesive power will last for a wile, but if the adhesive sheet starts to lose the power, use the replacement adhesive sheet. Finding the best effect carefully is the most important thing.

Natural smoky quartz used as material
Till now, aluminum and specially treated aluminum, ceramics and special metal have been used as an material for tuning chipADThese materials carry resonance sound, and it only add these resonance sound onto the audio. Even though they stop the resonance, its particular sound gets onto the audio, and more you use these tuning chips, you start losing a feeling of throbbing pulse and intonation. QR-8 does not carry any resonance sound and particular sound, so you can get the sound quality that is realistic and a feeling of throbbing pulse and intonation. This is the reason why we adopted the natural smoky quartz.

As long as you don′t choose the wrong resonance point, as more and more you use the QR-8, the sound quality of the audio system gets filled with a feeling of throbbing pulse and intonation.

Material of adhesive sheet is also carefully chosen
It doesn′t matter how the tuning chips material is superior, depending what adhesive sheet is used, the sound quality changes and in the worst case, the sound deteriorates. Some adhesive sheet stops the chip material from working as resonance eliminator. Some tuning chips on the market have adhesive sheet which is made from a very thick rubber material that hides the bad point of the chip material. These materials stop the chip from doing the job, and adhesive sheet works as a resonance eliminator. You can′t get a feeling of throbbing pulse, intonation and resonance control effect from rubber materials. Very thin Japanese paper based adhesive sheet is used on QR-8, which does not deteriorate sound quality and resonance control. Japanese paper based adhesive sheet brings out the full potential of the natural smoky quartz. Also QR-8 comes with a replacement adhesive sheet, so you can try the chip on different agenda.

Which addenda can you get the best effect?
Were to get the best effect from the QR-8 depends on the equipment, system and the room environment. Place the QR-8 lightly onto the agenda which seems to be resonating and find the sweet spot. In most cases, you can get an excellent effect on equipments main power switch, inlet connector of power supply cable, DC cable connector and lighting switch in the room. We recommend you to uses the QR-8 first on these points.

Example of how to use the QR-8

On the main switch of the equipment (Power switch).

On the inlet connector of power supply cable.

On the lighting switch in the room or ventilation switch.

On the top of power supply box.

On the center of the door.

On the back of Short plug or terminal cover.

On the receptacle stabilizer or parallel type filter.

On the wall or ceiling of the room.

On the main body of the breaker or lever.

On the tray lid of CD, DVD and SACD player.

On top of the head shell of analogue player.

On the power transformer inside the equipment.

On the plug of line cable or digital cable.

All kinds of plugs (Photo is DC cable plug).

Attention when using QR-8
When placing the QR-8 places like breaker and inside the equipment, it will users self responsibility and considers the safety and be careful when placing the QR-8. In case when accident or damage happens, our company will not take any responsibility at all.

To musicians and musical instrument lovers
If you place the QR-8 onto the bridge of a guitar, the tone and sound will improve dramatically. We recommend this method to musicians and musical instrument lovers.

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