Acoustic Revive - Quartz Isolator RIQ-5010

  • Acoustic Revive - Quartz Isolator RIQ-5010
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Load resistance:200kg(1pieces)
Please take care that the RIQ-5010 is weak in an acute-angled load.

High evaluation reviews!
Quartz Insulator review by U.S magazine ‚ÄúAffordable Audio‚ÄĚ
RIQ-5010&RIQ-5010W review by 6moons

2010 Visual Grand Prix

2006 Audio Excellence Award

2004 Audio Excellence Award

An attractive sound quality that only pure quartz has!
Conventional insulators generate their unique tone according to the physical characteristic or the property of their each material, and it is only important whether their generated tone suit listener's taste or not. We, ACOUSTIC REVIVE, have tested every possible material that never generates own tone of the material and improves sound quality. Finally we found out pure smoky quartz and pure quartz as a material of the insulator. Pure smoky quartz and pure quartz don't generate their own tone, and they improve the sound quality. Additionally, reproducing sound becomes livelier. You will be surprise that the sound of the instruments or human voice have changed incredibly livelier, and extremely vividly. .

The RIQ-5010 has many effects besides using as an insulator
If you place the RIQ-5010 on the top plate of your equipment or near the input/output terminals, you can get the effects of improving sound. There are some theories why the quartz improves sound. Some say that the pure quartz absorbs an electromagnetic wave, some another say that the pure quartz controlls vibration, or that the pure quartz radiate far infrared light. Anyway pure quartz have effects of improving sound that are never gained from the other materials.

Pure quartz's effects of improving sound quality is on a different level!
Insulators that are made of the metal or the quartz glass generate hard and sharp sound. The RIQ-5010 never generates such sounds and improves sound quality extremely mellifluously, smoothly, lively and warmly. Additionally, the sound is well-modulated, and the rise time and decay time are both quickly, these two opposite values can be compatible.

We try to secure ore, and try to keep producing the RIQ-5010 as long as possible
Pure smoky quartz and pure quartz are both very scarce materials. We try to secure ore, and try to keep producing the RIQ-5010 as long as possible. But when we can't get ore, we will stop producing the RIQ-5010 and the RIQ-5010W.
Note: Because of using pure quartz, crystal structures or impurities are shown inside of RiQ-5010 in some cases. Please accept it.

Comparative table of Insurators

RIQ-5010 Diameter: 50mm Thickness:10mm Pure smoky quartz / Pure quartz
Company A Diameter: 30mm Thickness:10mm Quartz glass.

Chloroprene insulator CP-4
CP-4 is a high cost performance insulator, that improves S/N ratio, transparency and reinforces strong low end level without changing tone of sound. It can be used with combination with insulator made of hard material, rack, board and speaker stand to stop any wobble.

Acoustic Revive - Quartz Isolator RIQ-5010
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